Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers

Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers #alphabetphoto

Week 4 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! What to come up with for D? Dainty, daisy, dashing, dinosaurs, Daddy?  There really could one be one D – our Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers.

Alphabet Photography Project D is for DiggersFrom the earlier age Monkey has been fascinated with Diggers and JCB Diggers in particular.  One of the first board books he received was a My 1st JCB book, he still loves that book today.  The obsession grew and Joey JCB is one of his favourite characters.

I love this photo, the look on his face is the one I see every time we see a digger anywhere. When our town centre was being redeveloped he would stand for ages watching what was going on.  It was a weekly trip in itself.  He was so upset the day we went and the diggers had finished their work.  Cherry pickers just aren’t as exciting are they?

There are a number of road works going on around this area at the moment, so yes, we’re back on Digger patrol.  Don’t make the mistake of calling an excavator a digger – oh no! There is a difference.

Ironically the company I worked for before Monkey was born, supplied plastic components to all the various JCB divisions. We’ve told him that when we go to Cbeebies Land at some point, we will make a point of coming back via the JCB plant – he will be in heaven to see the factory.  He has all the DVD’s, he knows what the factory looks like and how they make their diggers.

When Monkey’s not looking at the real things, or reading about diggers, he’s playing with them.  Our living room is always a cross between train track heaven and a building site. I’m typing this post up after Monkey has gone to bed, I turned around and noticed this – we didn’t tidy up tonight.  This made me smile, this sums Monkey up totally.

Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers

My little Monkey, my man at work, dig, dig digging all day long 🙂

22 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers #alphabetphoto

  1. Haha, you have done the same as me this week and gone with ‘the obsession’. It’s dinosaurs for us though, there was no way I could do D without it being a dinosaur. It will be interesting to see how their current interests influence them as they grow up 🙂

  2. Dinosaurs and tractors/diggers for us. Don’t expect Monkey to grow out of it any time soon. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. How brilliant – reminded me of my boy’s love of diggers as a toddler. x #alphabetphoto

  4. That’s sweet! My son loves them too. Even before he could talk, he loved watching them, and we get to see them a lot since there are new apartments being built where we live.

  5. I’ll have to make sure I remember to do Lego for L 🙂 It’s great that he is so interested in them! #Alphabetphoto

  6. Boys and machines, they just love them. Mine was obsessed with diggers as a toddler, as a teen, it’s more sports cars that turn his head nowadays!! #alphabetphoto

  7. Your lovely post has reminded me how obsessed my son was with diggers when he was little – still remember his nursery teacher’s reaction when he said his favourite digger was a grab excavator!

  8. Haha! This really made me smile, for my boys it was tractors and trains but I remember getting told off for getting the terminology wrong too, Boys! *rolls eyes* 🙂

  9. Just love the look on his face, pure joy! Diggers must be the best thing ever for boys (although POD has a pick up she loves!). Great post, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto

    sorry running late with commenting :/

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