Alphabet Photography Project F is for Ferrari

Alphabet Photography Project F is for Ferrari #alphabetphoto

Week 6 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! What to come up with for F? France, flags, friends, flavour, fun, fierce, family?  Well we’re in the middle of the Grand Prix season and I’ll be heading off to Silverstone next month for the British Grand Prix – there could be only one F for me!  Our Alphabet Photography Project F is for Ferrari.

I do love all things Ferrari, the road cars are sublime.  I have a really soft spot for the Ferrari Dino; it’s a classic, produced from 1968 (the year of my birth) to 1976.  It shouts old school glamour to me. But my biggest Ferrari passion is for the Formula One team.  I can’t share the photo I really want to as it’s on my defunct computer.  Don’t ask, but there is hope on that score.  I should be back up and running over the summer holidays.

Anyway, huge Ferrari fan, every year at Silverstone I try to get the Ferrari drivers to sign my Ferrari cap, finally a few years Felipe Massa did – I was beyond happy!  Even more so when he signed my Ferrari fleece a few years later.  I’ve written a post before on Fernando Alonso sending Monkey a first birthday present and my Secret Santa last year. Still treasured by us both.

This photo is not the clearest photo ever, it was taken on my old Blackberry in February 2010, but it’s very special.

Alphabet Photography Project F is for Ferrari

This is Monkey aged 2 months, with his beloved Geoffrey Giraffe wearing his own Ferrari hat.  What makes this hat special?  It was made for him by his cousin N, who shares the same birthday as him.  It was a total surprise and I love it.  The hat is now way too small for a 4 and half year old Monkey, but it’s safe in his treasure box.  Something to keep, something to cherish.  His first present from his birthday cousin.

Monkey is very well-trained, he’ll sit and watch the racing with me; go Ferrari go!! Mummy, red cars!!


22 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project F is for Ferrari #alphabetphoto

  1. Lovely photo of F 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great to own a Ferrari too? One can always dream right? 😉 #alphabetphoto.

  2. What a cute photo! I’m fascinated by Ferrari too although I don’t follow Formula One, but I do love beautiful cars 🙂

  3. How cute, I love that you are so into Ferrarri’s! My husband will be over the moon-he will have a fellow fan to share his love with when we meet 🙂

  4. I had a feeling this would be your F 🙂 Lovely post, what a great story x #alphabetphoto

  5. You have passed on your passion! You’ve chosen a very special photo. Monkey looks fabulous in his hat. #AlphabetPhoto

  6. Oh it had to be Ferrari Mary didn’t it! What an adorable photo too – just love it. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto. I’ve just got my G, Linky live just after midnight. Sorry to be late commenting *blames BritMums*

    So great to meet you at the weekend x

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