Alphabet Photography Project H is for Hands

Alphabet Photography Project H is for Hands #alphabetphoto

Week 8 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! I was pondering over H, I really had no idea what to look at for H at all. Then it came to me, over the breakfast table. H is for hands.

Alphabet Photography Project H is for Hands

When Monkey was born, he, like so many babies, was the spitting image of his father. He had his nose, his chin, the same shaped face.  But the likeness didn’t end there. Monkey has his father’s hands and feet too.  I pray daily that Monkey’s feet will stop growing, please don’t let him end up with size 14 feet!

Monkey’s hands are identical to his Dad’s, large hands, safe hands.  I made a fatal error when Monkey was a baby, got all the relatives hand printed pottery keepsakes – totally forgot about something for us to keep.

For Monkey’s first birthday I did have a plate made with his hand prints that we use every birthday party, and then a bauble for Christmas, although, between him and Brewster I’ve never been brave enough to actually hang it on the tree!

Last year, Monkey and I were messing with some paints and we decided to do some hand prints.  I’m so pleased I did one too.  I absolutely love this picture, it hangs in my kitchen, I look at it every day, every time we eat.  Every time I look at it, I think of how much Monkey’s hands have grown since then.

Every so often Monkey asks to put his hand over the print, so he can see for himself, see how much his hands have grown.  He get’s rather confused when I put my hand over my print.  Mummy your hand hasn’t grown!

I really must get another picture made of our two hands, lasting evidence that my little boy is growing fast.

You may remember that we appeared on Countryfile recently.  I love the fact that one of the close up shots is of Monkey’s hands.  No one else will recognise them, but I do, I know what jacket he was wearing.  His hands made it to BBC1!

I love watching his hands, from the first grasping of my fingers, to toys and food, to a drinks bottle, beaker and a cup. Seeing his fine motor skills improve as he learns the full power he has in his hands.  Watching him crafting, playing, turning over the pages in a book, using his hands.

Alphabet Photography Project H is for Hands


I wonder what those hands will put their mind it in years to come.  I’m thinking engineering at the moment! Time will tell.  For the time being I’m just enjoying the fact that he loves to hold my hand, and I love holding his.


12 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project H is for Hands #alphabetphoto

  1. Ha ha are you copying me?! That’s the second week in a row we have used the same 😀 I do love handprint paintings, we have one hanging in our room from when E was very small.

  2. Such a beautiful post, Mary! Those little hands can be a source of joy and pride. My little one is a duplicate of his Dad too.

  3. Gorgeous post Mary x I love getting handprints from the kids, don’t do it nearly enough xx #alphabetphoto

  4. That’s a beautiful post and I totally agree that their little hands are precious. My post was for hands too – but for a whole and a lot less beautiful way!! xx

  5. What a sweet post! I love your hands print. You and “Monkey” have made a really good job of not getting the paint splodged all over the shop, which is how it used to work out in our house. All the best, Bonny

  6. Car engineer, by any chance? I can quite understand the feeling of seeing the hands grow. We made reindeer decorations using hands. It is fun to bring them out each year. #AlphabetPhoto

  7. My smallest two have massive hands my eldest narrow long ones it is so intresting how different they are. So precious .

  8. Such a beautiful post Mary. I love it when they have something exactly the same as a parent. POD has Daddy’s hands just like Monkey has his Daddy’s hands. I love the photo of your hands together, it must be so strange seeing how much Monkey’s hands have grown, they get bigger so quickly. I remember your Countryfile post, must have been awesome to see his hands on that. Fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing #alphabetphoto

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