Alphabet Photography Project I is for Immaculate

Alphabet Photography Project I is for Immaculate #alphabetphoto

Week 9 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! How many of you thought I’d pick I is for Insects???  Well, after a spending a few days at Silverstone for the Grand Prix and Testing, there could only be one choice this week.  My Alphabet Photography Project I is for immaculate.

Alphabet Photography Project I is for Immaculate

As my brother and I had a 3 day pass for the British Grand Prix we had the opportunity to go on a Pit Walk at Silverstone last Thursday.  With some great planning (actually a total fluke) Monkey was having a full day at Nursery School on the Thursday, so as soon as I’d walked him to school, I got in the car, drove over to my brothers and then on to Silverstone.  Now things were going to be tight.  There was a Pit Walk between 10-12 and one between 3.15-6pm.  I could only make the morning session as I needed to be back to pick Monkey up at 3.15.

We arrived at Silverstone about 9.15.  The queue was massive, full of campers who’d obviously been on-site since early that morning.  We joined the queue past the grandstand at Vale and kept our fingers crossed.  My brother could always go to the afternoon session (we’d driven in convoy just in case), but I had no option, morning or bust.

My brother and I  grew up in a time where Formula One and Motor Racing in general, was far more accessible to the fans than it is today.  We’d spent our childhood in the Paddock at Brands Hatch.  Engines revving and exhaust fumes were the norm.  These days you can’t get anywhere close.  We were really lucky to be invited to look around the Lotus Pits a couple of years ago.  It was brilliant, a friend’s husband worked on the pit crew then, and he knew how much it would mean to me.  It was amazing.  I knew how immaculate the pit garages were these days, but that experience re-inforced it.

Roll on a couple of years and we have the opportunity to see all of the garages.  It took us half an hour to move from Vale to Club, we were getting worried, this was not looking good.

But we kept hopeful, as we edged ever closer.  We could see the pits, I checked Silverstone’s twitter feed, they were closing the queue at 11.30.  Could we make it?  We got through at 11.15!!!!!  Cutting it fine, but we were in.  We walked down the pit lane where the cars would drive out to join the circuit and we were there.  I was really impressed by the fact everyone could clearly see into each pit garage.  I’d envisaged trying to grab a glimpse over 4 rows of 6 footers in front of me.  But no, we could walk along in front of each garage no problem.  We were both in our element.

For me it was all about seeing the Ferrari garages obviously!

Alphabet Photography Project I is for Immaculate

Everything in these garages is immaculate.  Can you see the floors!  You really can eat your dinner off those floors.  They’d kill you, but you could do it.  Everything is so clean, you actually forget that they are working garages.  Everything has its place.  The team is also immaculate.  They dress the part.  When you watch them arriving in the paddock on the run up to the Grand Prix, their dress is immaculate, they all have numbered cases (Ferrari that is), they have Ferrari trainers.  Everything looks new, fresh, immaculate.

I know most of you are probably yawning by this point, but honestly, could you imagine taking your car into the garage for its MOT and being able to see your reflection in the floor?  The attention to detail is amazing, truly amazing.




23 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project I is for Immaculate #alphabetphoto

  1. Wow, what an awesome experience! I’d really love to see one of these garages up close.

  2. how fab indeed. we we’re lucky enough to go to silverstone a few years ago for a open fun day, we too did a pit walk it was awesome glad u got to experience it. #alphabetproject

  3. What a great weekend you must have had! Although I’m not a huge F1 fan I can definitely see the appeal! I’ve told the OH I will take him for his 40th 😀

  4. Had no idea how immaculate they kept the garages. I guess it makes complete sense. Anything that aids a slick operation is good, plus fluff and engines would not mix. Immaculate makes sense. I can see the reflection in that floor. #AlphabetPhoto

  5. I had no idea that the garages were that immaculate, amazing! I know how much you must have loved this, so glad you made it through the queue. Have to admit I was expecting insects 🙂

  6. Great photo, what an amazing experience and how lucky you managed to get in. I’d love to have been, Formula 1 always reminds me of my Nana, it was one of the only things she watched on TV!

  7. Looks more like a museum display doesn’t it? I can’t get over how shiny the floor is, not a drop of oil to be seen anywhere, incredible.

  8. oh my word what an amazing experience and brilliant photos too it looks like a wonderful day that you will remember for sometime #alphabet

  9. Oh wow Mary this must have been absolutely incredible!! So glad you made it and got to experience the buzz of it all before you picked Monkey up. Just awesome, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto

  10. Wow, what an amazing experience! I have been a F1 fan for years but have never managed to get to a race.. would really love to though and to have the opportunity to walk down the pit lane would be fantastic!

  11. That is certainly one clean workspace! I reckon it’s cleaner than my kitchen! Catching up on last week’s #alphabetphoto commenting as I was away on holiday.

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