Alphabet Photography Project J is for Joy

Alphabet Photography Project J is for Joy #alphabetphoto

Week 10 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! I was so tempted to go with J is for JCB this week.  Monkey is obsessed with them, no real preference to a digger or an articulated dump truck.  As long as it’s yellow and is a real JCB, he is in awe. Everywhere we go I have to take photos of JCB, even at the Grand Prix, I made sure I took some JCB photos for him.  But I decided that the most important J to me, is his joy at experiencing the things he loves. So my Alphabet Photography Project J is for Joy.

Alphabet Photography Project J is for JoyI love this photo, which regular readers will have seen before recently in a #365 post.  It sums up Monkey.  He loves his Dad, he loves train, he loves steam.  Put those three things together and you get squeals of delight, look at me Mummy, look we’re off, pure joy.

Life for a 4 year old is full of joy, actually I could have picked countless photos of Monkey that express this word.  It’s an age where things are truly exciting, life is to be explored (somewhat cautiously by Monkey) and enjoyed.  Their worries are few and far between.  Life is an adventure.

We’d spent the day at a local Steam Traction Show, he’d loved every minute of it.  Then when he saw the miniature railway, he was in heaven.  Daddy look!  I love looking at his expression, he gets so excited.  It’s just wonderful to watch.  Joy, pure joy.


26 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project J is for Joy #alphabetphoto

  1. That’s a beautiful photo, and he looks so happy! Kids love trains so much, don’t they? Mine always wants a ride whenever we visit a park that has one.

  2. Fab pic and fab the fact that he is so full of joy at steam trains and jcb’s #alphabetproject

  3. Your family certainly look like they are enjoying themselves 🙂 My younger two went on their very first train journey last week when we were away on holiday – and it was a steam train! #alphabetphoto

  4. Certainly love the smile! Your son indeed is obviously really having fun. Great capture 🙂

  5. Love this photo Mary, it really does scream joy! Just look at those smiley faces, how wonderful – beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

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