The Alphabet Photography Project

The Alphabet Photography Project W and X #alphabetphoto

Week 24 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. I missed last week as I was holed up in bed with a virus so it’s a double whammy for my today – W and X.  But what to pick for either of them!!  Tricky.

The Alphabet Photography Project W is Waterfall

The Alphabet Photography Project

This isn’t the best photograph ever taken, but for Daddy P this is actually not bad.  He did actually manage to get both Monkey and I in the shot, although I’ve had to crop like mad to get to this.  He has no idea what a zoom lens is for, bless him.

But here we are, a photo of me and my son next to the waterfall at Stowe Gardens taken earlier this year.  Monkey looks really happy to be posing for a shot doesn’t he!  Stowe Gardens has become a favourite again since we rejoined the National Trust.  There’s always a different part of the gardens to explore.  Monkey had discovered the waterfall on a previous walk with me and was eager to show Daddy when we visited together, not so eager to have his photo taken!

The Alphabet Photography Project X is for Xenodochium (a guesthouse for receiving strangers)  I can’t wait to see what everyone else picks for this!

The Alphabet Photography Project

This is Monkey entering the Hotel Medes II reception in L’Estartit last month.  A guesthouse for receiving strangers – a Xenodochium.  This photo is really precious to me.

Our trip to Costa Brava last month was the first time Monkey had experienced a holiday that didn’t involve going to Granny and Gramps.  He’s stayed in a hotel overnight once in his little life, but this was the nearest he’s been to a real holiday.  It’s the sacrifice we’ve had to make for me to stay at home with him.  No stay away holidays.  I was so worried about how he would cope with the whole experience, but this photo sums it up.  He loved it, he felt secure, safe, he let go of my hand and was happy to explore.  Happy to be somewhere strange, happy to be on holiday.

The Hotel Medes II was perfect for us, we weren’t there much, but it was a small, family friendly hotel, and just right for Monkey’s first holiday trip.

There were so many wonderful things about the trip we went on, but the effect it had on Monkey was priceless.  This photo represents a little boy who is growing up; becoming more independent, trying new things without automatically shying away.  A little boy who made a special friendship with another boy with a similar temperament.  A son who left my side and ran off with a group of friends to have fun in a play ground.  A Monkey who was confident enough to walk into a hotel lobby by himself. A little explorer who absolutely loved every minute of his holiday and wants to go back; preferably tomorrow!

I am so very lucky to get to do some amazing things through the blog, I never take any of it for granted.  It’s worth all the working til the early hours trying to write-up posts.  When you get to see your child blossom in front of your eyes; having the time of his life, it’s just wonderful. He won’t ever forget the time he spent in the Costa Brava, he made his own memories and I have the blog to thank for that.  Wonderful things do happen.


12 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project W and X #alphabetphoto

  1. Loving the expression on Monkey’s face, in fact his whole body language is just brilliant. He was delighted to have his photo taken wasn’t he?! 🙂

  2. It’s great to see them grow in confidence. Two great words. I am learning so many new words this week through #AlphabetPhoto.

  3. Oh, thanks to you I’ve learned a new word! 🙂 I struggled with the letter X and actually had to consult google 😉 #alphabetphoto.

  4. love his little face in the first photo, looks really impressed. I coped out on the letter x did not understand most the x words and the ones i found where all about tissues and cells i was so confuddled!

  5. I’ve learnt another new word! This has been a great week 🙂
    Love both the photos, Monkey’s expression/body language is wonderful in both, and very different! It’s wonderful to see them grow isn’t it x

  6. What a fab x photo! Lovely photo of you and your son too for W 🙂 #alphabetphoto (my x entry is a greek word, hence the gobbledegook on the commentluv!)

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