Alphabet Project A is for Action

Alphabet Project A is for Action #alphabetphoto

I’ve been very disorganised over the last few weeks, not felt great, blog had a major blip and I’ve been half way through the week and missed a few of my favourite linky’s – AGAIN!  So now I will take a moment to redeem myself, slightly.  PODcast has started a new linky and here I am – don’t faint! My Alphabet Project A is for Action.

This shot is not the best photograph in the world, it’s not even in focus (shock horror!), but I love it, it’s Monkey all over.  I’m finding it harder to get photos of him totally in focus.  He is always on the go, never sitting still!  This photo is a perfect example; running around, it shouts out Action to me, he’s on the move, a Monkey on a mission, this time assisted by Biff, his Sorgenfresser worry eater, and Teddy, his favourite bear.

Alphabet Project A is for Action


My all action boy, always in a hurry, rushing through life (too fast for me at times). Action, running, jumping, swinging, scooting, swimming, having fun, enjoying life.  Being a 4 year old boy.  Being my Monkey.

Now I’m off to get some inspiration for next week – B is for ???? got a few ideas in my head for that one.

26 thoughts on “Alphabet Project A is for Action #alphabetphoto

  1. It is difficult to take a good photo when they are always on the go isn’t it. Shots like this are just as nice to look back on though to remember what they were like constantly rushing around everywhere!

  2. Brilliant Mary what a great action photo! I can just imagine Monkey flying round the place at great speed, Poppy does it too. It’s great to see them so active even if it does make capturing them more difficult! Thank you so much for sharing and joining in with #alphabetphoto, I’m hopeful it will be good fun x

  3. Oh yes! The blurry hand. I have so many good photos that have the tell tale hand moving. You did well to capture him. Clutching his toys as well. Its good to remember these moments too. #AlphabetPhoto

  4. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter if a photo isn’t in focus! I’ve got lots of my niece on the go and I can’t bear to delete them as they really capture the moment! Here’s my A for #AlphabetPhoto x

  5. Arh, love this action shot. If it was in focus it wouldn’t look half as creative as it does. We are also struggling to get focused shots of our little man at the moment, most have a blurry hand or foot… they are just so curious aren’t they, something is always grabbing their attention #AlphabetPhoto

  6. Love this honey – it has so much movement, it’s just brilliant. My plan was B for blurred next week and was going to be a very similar photo as this!! It’s so hard when they are on the move, but I think the blurring adds context to it. xx

  7. A photo like this brings such strong memories though, I love some of the blurry action shots I have for just that reason, they completely sum up the moment x

  8. A great action shot! A lot of my two are ‘action poses’…it’s so difficult to get a photo of them standing still at this age isn’t it?!

  9. Haha I love a good action shot and this guy looks like he is on a mission!! #alphabetphoto

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