An evening at the beach

An evening at the beach

I’ve talked before about the friends I’ve made through blogging, and recently Monkey and I went for a sleepover with Tina at The Soup Dragon Says.  We’d been to a PR event in Bognor Regis for the afternoon and then went back to Tina’s for dinner. The boys tried out Monkey’s One World Futbol whilst Tina prepared our meal.  It was lovely to watch Monkey make a new friend.

An evening at the beach

After dinner it was still really warm and it was obvious that Monkey was not going to be going to sleep any time soon.  So an evening at the beach was in order.  He was so excited, buckets and spades were found and we set off.  Don’t we need the car Mummy? No Monkey, we can walk to the sea from Tina’s house.  This was a revelation and oh, how envious I am!

We all walked, except Tina’s son who is testing out a Stunt Scooter for us from Zinc Sports – he was off like a shot! More on that to come soon.

An evening at the beach

We reached the beach and Monkey was straight to work – digging holes and filling them with water.  Tina’s son and husband braved the water and were in control of keeping Monkey supplied with water for his constructions.

It was wonderful to spend an evening at the beach, simple pleasures.

As the sun started to set we decided to head back to Tina’s to get Monkey to bed.  We’d had an evening at the beach, it was wonderful.  Oh how I wish we lived nearer to the sea to make this a more regular occurrence.

An evening at the beach

9 thoughts on “An evening at the beach

  1. Those stunt scooters really have got around. Makes me laugh that they approached people with kids under the age. Although I wanted it for me so N and I can scoot together, he seems to prefer it to his own.

    I’d loved to be nearer the beach as well. Bummer living in the middle of the country sometimes.

  2. We don’t live very close to the beach but I remember fondly times from holidays as a child where we would stay on the beach until the sun was getting low in the sky. Perfect moments x

  3. Looks like such fun! So nice to be able to meet up with people you have met through blogging.

  4. It was lovely having you to come to stay, and a lovely end to a day of fun for both boys! You have made me realise how lucky we are having the beach on our doorstep, and have been back a couple of evenings now that we have finished delivering our yellow pages! You are welcome to pop by any time…

  5. Looks like a wonderful evening at the beach and such a great place to get the boys together. How lucky for Tina to live within walking distance of the beach too – my two would love that!!

  6. W.O.W!! What stunning photos & the idea of going out after dinner for a walk & play on the beach must’ve been really exciting for Monkey. It looks lovely, so relaxed and a really lovely way to end the day. I bet he slept well that night! #bloglovin

  7. I thought we were lucky with having the beach close, but would love to be able to walk there. Glad you both had a lovely time.

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