Another day in ‘poxville’

Well Monkey and I had a better night’s sleep so that was appreciated. He has lots of blisters now but still lots of little red spots that don’t seem to have changed at all since yesterday. Wish he’d eat something, not even a peanut butter sandwich could tempt him today; just a bit of fruit and some apple and raspberry juice from Innocent kept him going.

We had a visit from a few of his NCT chums who had either already had chickenpox or who, like him had caught it from pre-school. This seemed to cheer him up and I got a bit of adult company for a while.

This afternoon saw me on Twitter with @UKMumstv for their #TreeFuTomToys twitter party. We didn’t win any prizes but it has given me an introduction to the new range of Tree Fu Tom toys being launched. Monkey is a big fan, so guess he’ll be after something soon!

Anyway, Monkey has gone straight to sleep and I need to tidy up the railway so I can actually get to the sofa. #Playfest on Twitter later with Izziwizzikids so hopefully I can stay awake for that. Fingers crossed……

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