Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

In the depth of winter last year we received a very special package from Waitrose.  Our very own Apple Tree.  I sent Daddy P and Monkey out into the garden on a cold and rather wet day and gave them instructions on where I wanted our fruit tree planting.  Annoyingly the photos of that event are on the PC that has died and is still waiting to be fixed.  You’ll just have to take my word!  The tree was planted and we waited, hoping that one day we would see apple blossom.

Monkey has been checking on the tree throughout the winter.  Nothing yet Mummy.  Just be patient, look at all the other plants in the garden, when you can see buds we can check again.

Then we noticed some changes, would we be seeing some apple blossom soon?  The first of April brought us leaves unfurling.

apple blossom

We kept checking, until on Easter Sunday, mid way through our Easter Egg hunt we saw apple blossom buds!

apple blossom

When would we get to see the apple blossom in all its glory? …… We didn’t have to wait too long ….

apple blossom

This was the sight yesterday!  Our apple tree has apple blossom!  We are all rather excited.

According to the fact sheet that Waitrose kindly sent us with our tree, the Scrumptious Apple tree should blossom from April to May and we should get lots of lovely apples in September!

So this may be a bit different from my normal Magic Moment or What’s the Story? post, but actually it’s so wonderful seeing Monkey’s excitement.  It’s special.  He planted that tree with his Daddy, now he can see the apple blossom, and hopefully later this year he’ll be picking his own apples.  What could be better than that!

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35 thoughts on “Apple Blossom

  1. Very never seen an Apple Blossom before and it’s so beautiful! I’m sure Monkey will be thrilled when he sees the apples 🙂

  2. What beautiful shots! I went to the zoo yesterday with my one year old and it was brilliant to look at all the animals afresh and new. It was like I had never seen them before either. Happy days xxx

  3. Ooh lovely – how fantastic that Monkey will get to see the fruits of his labour (boom, boom). And I never knew that Waitrose did trees!

  4. It looks as though it’s doing very well. I have a pear tree in the garden and it shoots off leaves each year but no blossom yet

  5. Oh wow how exciting Mary. It’s so great seeing something grow like this, Monkey must have been beside himself – and you too I’d imagine. It looks beautiful too. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. How lovely! We finally have blossom on the trees here, and it is so pretty x Enjoy your tree x

  7. Gorgeous pictures – I love it when the children notice things I might take for granted. Currently they are fascinated by dew-laden spider webs. #whatsthestory

  8. Ah so lovely! We planted out apple tree 3 years ago now and we’ve a lot of blossom at the moment – it’s amazing how fast it grows each year! Hopefully I might even get enough apples this year for one apple crumble! Simple things keep me happy 😉

    Thanks for joining in and sharing this x

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