Handmade pre-school goodbye cards

A bit of paint fun

Last week my son finished at his current pre-school and we needed to think of something to give to a couple of the key workers. I’m not a great fan of this new fad of presents for everyone, so decided on making something more personal with my little man.

We decided to make some cards and I came up with the idea of a handprint – simple but effective.

www.over40andamumtoone.com Bye Bye cards

Once we’d got the serious stuff out of the way I just let him loose on the paints – he had a great time.

www.over40andamumtoone.com Hand painting mayhem, A bit of paint fun

It was mayhem, but he enjoyed getting covered in paint, squelching it between his fingers and then smearing it over the paper.  He is definitely more of an abstract artist!

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