Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

Easter Crafts with Baker RossMonkey is really starting to get into crafts at Nursery School and I want to make more of an effort with him at home.  Baker Ross is a name I’ve come across through school and Monkey’s old Nursery School.  A great site for all sorts of arts and crafts.  I’m really thrilled that Monkey and I are joining the Baker Ross Blogger Network.  This month we will be having fun making Easter Crafts with Baker Ross.

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

We decided to start by making an Easter Chick Gift Bag.  I was really interested to see how Monkey would get on with this activity.  I was pleasantly surprised.  He concentrated, he took instruction, both from me and from the instruction leaflet.  He was using great hand eye coordination and I could see how much his manual dexterity has improved.  Some of the foam pieces were quite fiddly.  But he got there, by himself, calmly.  He really enjoyed himself.  He was on a roll, I want to make the Bunny Mummy.  Ok, off you go!  Then he went on to make a couple of Gift Boxes too.

I think his face says it all.  We did have one slight issue with the Bunny Gift bag – the eyes were missing.  I drew some on for Monkey and he wasn’t bothered.  But then we discovered 3 eyes in both of the Gift Box kits, so Monkey stuck them over the top of my drawings.  Other than that, the only thing we needed was some glue.  He had a great time and was thrilled with his creations.

He then spent a bit of time glueing some of the Easter Sprinkles on some paper.  But he’d had enough of crafting by then.

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross Easter Crafts with Baker Ross Easter Crafts with Baker Ross Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

We’ve since had some sensory play fun with the Wrinkle Paper Shreds.  I hid some Mini Eggs in the shreds and Monkey had to find them with his eyes shut.  That was good fun, and a different take on an Easter Egg Hunt.  I’ve used some of the Shreds to decorate his Easter Mug too.

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

We’ve used some of the Easter Nests with our Easter Chocolate and Coffee Loaf.

Easter Crafts with Baker RossBut also, Monkey has been learning about Dinosaurs at Nursery School and we couldn’t resist using the Easter Nests as Dinosaur Nests!

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross Photo

We’ve had so much fun with Easter Crafts with Baker Ross, we’ve still got candles and boxes to decorate.  I need to come up with some pipe cleaner ideas too.  Then we’ve got sponge painting to do.  I was hoping for a nice sunny day so that Monkey could do that in the garden, but I think we’ll be having fun indoors later in the week.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for an update of our creations!

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. We’ve been sent a box of Easter goodies too! LP is a bit small to really get that involved but I’m loving crafting – Definitely out of my comfort zone! x

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