Fun over the summer with The Works

Fun over the summer with The Works

I’ve long been a fan of The Works shops, from way before I had Monkey.  They always have lots of bargained price books for children and adults alike.  I have to be honest, I’ve not really looked at them as a toys and games supplier before, but that might just have changed.  We’ve had fun over the summer with The Works.

Fun over the summer with The Works

We received a selection of craft activities, a game and a bubble machine bundle worth £25.00. It was time for some fun.

Play Sand is a new concept for us, and I thought Monkey would like it.  This Play Sand Castle Super Set is priced at £8.00 and contains a 450g tub of play sand and 3 plastic moulds, and is aimed at children aged 3 years and over.

Fun over the summer with The Works

The box picture is a bit misleading, Monkey thought he’d be able to replicate the castle, but in reality there is nowhere near enough sand for that.  But, once he’d got over that initial disappointment he was away.  The texture of the play sand totally fascinated both of us, its mouldable, reusable and generally just fun!

We have a lot of space themed play here so the Alien Adventure Kit was a great addition to our fleet.  Priced at £3.00 this craft set is aimed at children aged 5+, so perfect for a 5 and half year old Monkey.

Fun over the summer with The Works

The kit comes with foam pieces to make a spaceship and 6 aliens along with glue, 2 rocket launchers and instructions.  Monkey decided to make his own versions of a few of the aliens but that was half the fun.

Fun over the summer with The Works has also included lots of bubbles – a must in any home!

This Bubble Machine is available for £4.00 and comes with 1 x 4oz bottle of bubble mixture. You will need 3 x AA batteries to work it.  I did spot another set on The Works website which includes a pack of 4 x AA batteries for £6.00 which might prove a better buy, if you get through as many batteries as we do here!

The biggest hit here has come in the form of the Play-doh Monster Smash Game.  This has had Monkey in fits of the giggles.  It’s fair to say that there has been quite a lot of cheating involved too!

Fun over the summer with The Works

The game is priced at £6.00, is aimed at children aged 3 years and over and can be played with 2-4 players.  You get a plastic wipe clean game board, 4 pots of Play-doh, flying saucer mould, 4 Smasher Shoes and game instructions.  The flying saucer mould has 4 different 3D alien moulds inside it.  The idea is to stomp on the aliens before they reach all the food in the fridge.

Monkey absolutely loves this game, and we’ve played it on numerous occasions since it arrived.  It’s a big hit.

We have tried the Mission Outer Space Rainbow Brush set yet.  Although the set, priced at £5.00 is aimed at children aged 5+, at the moment Monkey just wouldn’t get the most out of it.  We’ve put it away and will try it in the future.

Fun over the summer with The Works

It does sound fab though, so I’m sure in the future it will be a big hit.

I’ve certainly realised that The Works is more than just a book shop and there are a whole host of ideas on their website to keep the kids amused.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


4 thoughts on “Fun over the summer with The Works

  1. I haven’t thought of The Works in that way, either. It’s an interesting selection of toys on offer, the Play Doh game looks like something our house would like too. I’m already starting to think about Christmas (argh!!)

  2. Some great items there at really good prices. I never think to pop in for toys but I really should – they would make great birthday presents for the Little A’s friends!

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