Back to School in 2015

Back to School in 2015

So today Monkey is back to school in 2015.  I have no idea how either of us are going to cope with an alarm call wake up today.  I got as much prepared last night as possible as I know someone is likely to be grumpy this morning, and so might Monkey be!

Apart from me feeling under the weather (and actually it did us good to do nothing!) we’ve had a lovely couple of weeks together.  Just playing, having fun.  Forgetting about schedules and routines (yes, even I let the routine go for two whole weeks – and survived), just being together.

There may well be tears at the school gate this morning, mine as much as Monkey’s.  I’m going to miss my partner in fun.  I’m not looking forward to getting Mr Grumpy at the end of a school day back – he is no fun at all.

Two weeks of playing with birthday presents and then Christmas presents.  Watching Monkey build Lego sets by himself and modifying ones I’d helped him with.  Reading lots, me to him admittedly, but hey, school was out!

Seeing his total belief in the magic of Christmas was just a delight.  From Berry the Elf, to meeting Father Christmas on a train.  Sprinkling reindeer food in the front and back garden, we have to be sure he can find us Mummy.

Joy of joy, I know another 3 Tractor Ted DVD’s word for word – this boy likes his farming facts.  Watching his little face crumple up on Christmas morning when it hadn’t snowed, sharing his joy when his stocking was full of goodies.

Going for walks, making things, playing with friends, but most of all just spending lazy days together.  Time with my 5 year old son, precious time.

So back to school in 2015 – let’s see if we can crack this writing malarkey young man.  I know you’d much rather be building things, but writing would be lovely.  You have started trying, so lets see where we end up by the end of the year.

Reading – that was going well before Christmas, we need to get that enjoyment back, you love books so I know that will happen.

You start PE this term, something new and you are not sporty are you.  I know this is going to be a challenge for you on a number of fronts, but hopefully there won’t be too many tears.

Using the toilet at school every day – that would be wonderful.  Sticker chart will be back in action.

Your teacher is leaving at Easter – bad timing, especially as you really like her.  Let’s hope a new one is found this term and you like them.  More change, more challenges.

Back to school in 2015 means being back with a best buddy and the promised tea time date.  You are so desperate for your friend to come for a sleepover so looks like Mummy will need to invest in a blow up mattress some time soon.

I hope that you settle back into the weekly routine well and oh, how I hope you don’t get so tired with it all.  I miss our happy afternoon’s.

Back to School in 2015 – be happy little boy, be happy.

Back to School in 2015

16 thoughts on “Back to School in 2015

  1. school can be very hard going, I really feel we start them far to young in this country, a few more years to enjoy them would be much better, lets be realistic a lot of play is learning anyway, counting, colours etc.

  2. LP is back tomorrow to preschool and I am dreading the wake up and dropping her off. Like you we have had a lovely couple of weeks and I’ll miss her when she’s back at preschool. I look forward to seeing how Monkey gets on with his writing! x

  3. Its hard to send them back to school, I know how I love having my son at home seeing him smile. So we have made a date and every Tuesday we are going to just play together, today we have a rollercoaster to build. Hopefully this will make us both smile! I hope your monkey comes home happy, and full of beans so you can have more fun.

    1. We have swimming lesson straight from school tonight so that’s going to be ‘fun’, but I arranged for his best friend to come to tea next week so hopefully that will cheer him up a bit. Like your idea – that would be good for both of us here I think

  4. Bless him, in my experience it does get easier once we get past January-they begin to adjust more easily. I hope this is true for Monkey too. I’m missing my two-the house is so quiet!

  5. It sounds like you had a great Christmas and it is always difficult getting back into routine after such a long, and fun, break. Reception year is definitely the hardest and things will get easier as you both get used to school life.

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