Back to school with Trutex in September

Back to school with Trutex in September

It’s hard to believe that Monkey has almost completed Year One at school.  I can’t comprehend that my little boy will be in Year Two come September and his last year in Key Stage One.  How is that even possible?  I don’t believe in leaving things to the last minute, I like to be prepared, whether we’re talking holidays or school uniform.  Monkey will be going back to school with Trutex in September.

I already know from experience how great Trutex trousers are, Monkey, like so many boys, was put on this earth to destroy trousers.  He’s won gold medals for his efforts, but Trutex have withstood his punishment to date, and will continue to do so as he moves into Year Two.

Monkey’s received 3 different style of trousers from the Trutex range – Junior Boys Slim Fit, Junior Boys Classic Fit and Junior Boys Sturdy.  The Junior Boys Sturdy trousers we received are age 8 (age 7 were out of stock), they look lovely but are just too big for Monkey right now.  All have elasticated waists, our first experience of non adjustable waistbands and they fit Monkey well. The fabric used in Trutex trousers and shorts is thicker than other trousers we’ve experienced, they wear really well, don’t bobble and are stain resistant.  We’ve received black trousers as this is my colour preference for school, grey is also available.

Oh for some decent weather so Monkey can wear his new Bermuda Pleated Shorts.  We’re lucky that Monkey can wear black or grey trousers and shorts to school.  These shorts are grey, there is also a navy option.

Back to school with Trutex in September

Monkey’s school asks the children to wear polo shirts rather than cotton shirts, to school. They are a much better idea for younger kids I think and Monkey loves wearing them. Trutex offer 16 different shades in their polo shirts and we went for the Maroon option in size 7/8 years.  It’s not too large for my 6 and half year old Monkey, but there is still plenty of room for growth.

For PE Monkey needs Jogging Bottoms, we went for the Navy colour option, there are 12 other options available.  The joggers have an internal pull cord at the waist, cuffed bottoms and pockets.

Back to school with Trutex in September We went for the age 7/8 option on these Jogging Pants and there’s some room for growth here too.

A number of children at school where fleece jackets to school in Autumn and Spring months when it isn’t raining.  Monkey has been asking to wear one too and I was pleased to discover that Trutex offer this as an option too.

The Polar Fleece is available in 6 colours, again we went for the Maroon option in age 7/8. With side pockets, Monkey loves his new jacket and I know it will be well-worn as he starts his Year Two journey in September.

He also wanted a hoody, so we went for the Wine option, one of 6 colour options available, again in age 7/8.

Back to school with Trutex in September

This comes up quite a lot larger than other items we selected but Monkey doesn’t mind. He feels snug and smart.

I’m completely confident that the items we’ve selected for when he goes back to school with Trutex in September, will see him through Year Two and will look just as good in the months ahead.

To purchase Trutex uniform visit your local uniform shop or buy online at To find your local stockist or learn more about Trutex visit

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review as part of the Mumsnet Blogger Insight Panel.

6 thoughts on “Back to school with Trutex in September

  1. you are well prepared! I try not to buy new items for September and with only one year left will limit any new trousers to replacing the ones that don’t survive this year. Monkey looks very smart and I had no idea trutex did such a range. Will have to have a look when we have to buy all new clothes for senior school. Where has the time gone…

  2. I have heard of Trutex but I didn’t realise they had such a vast range of products for some reason I thought they only sold trousers, blazers and skirts. It looks like you are all set for the new school year. x

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