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Baking with Oven Pride

Baking with Oven PrideMonkey will be 4 on Tuesday and he’s been used to watching me cook and bake all of his little life.  He loves helping me to make cakes (what a surprise) and gets very cross if I don’t let him do specific jobs – beating the eggs, whisking and filling cake cases etc.  It’s his school fayre this weekend and we’ve been asked to take cakes in to sell.  So this tied in very nicely with a new challenge – baking with Oven Pride! Can we become a family of ‘Pride of Oven Pride’ bloggers?Baking with Oven PrideWe’ve been sent some lovely equipment, recipe card and a voucher to buy some ingredients, from the lovely team at Oven Pride.  They’ve obviously heard that Monkey and I make rather a mess in the kitchen.  Daddy P can’t bear a messy kitchen, so I do wonder whether he had a quiet word with them!

Baking with Oven Pride

So as part of our baking with Oven Pride challenge, we decided to bake some apple and blueberry muffins using some of Monkey’s new baking accessories.  He was very excited, he’s started cooking at school too, so I think some of these items might be going into class as part of his ‘show and tell’ one Friday soon.

Baking with Oven Pride Baking with Oven Pride

So off to work we set – baking with Oven Pride.  Monkey got busy whisking, stirring, pouring and generally making a mess!

You can just imagine the state of our oven!  Oops!  We have a busy week ahead – making birthday cakes for Monkey’s party, making biscuits for his Nursery School Christmas party and making gingerbread cookies for our tree.  That’s just Monkey!  Add in my daily oven use to make dinner and I think my faithful old oven will be in need of an early Christmas present – a bit of TLC, a thank you for putting up with all of our mess.  I will be giving the oven a new lease of life with our Oven Pride oven cleaner.

Nearly forgot the cakes!

Baking with Oven PrideThey are lovely! We had to keep some for us right?  The rest will be going off to Nursery School in the morning 🙂

Now, Monkey has deserved a rest, but I need to get dinner sorted.  I mentioned that Oven Pride sent us a recipe card, well I spied a Tuscan Chicken, Beans and Chorizo stew that I quite fancy for dinner tonight ……

Wish us luck as we try to become ‘Pride of Oven Pride’ bloggers won’t you.


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