Banging the drum

Banging the drum #CountryKids

Some times the best fun is to be had in your own back garden.  We are always off exploring somewhere new, and our garden gets a bit neglected as a fun place to be. Monkey decided to take his music bag out in the garden recently and he held a little concert.  He was banging the drum, whistling and generally making a lot of noise. Having fun.

Banging the drum Banging the drum Banging the drum Banging the drum Banging the drum

He’s no Phil Collins but who cares, he was having fun, playing with the drum, making his own kind of music.  Just being a little boy, playing with his musical instruments.

We spent a nice afternoon, doing nothing much, just being together.  You don’t get to see me being told to march up and down the garden though!  Mummy, BE the Grand Old Duke of York please!!

I know it’s most unlike me to not have mini beasts featured somewhere on a Country Kids post, but just for once, this is all just about banging the drum.

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30 thoughts on “Banging the drum #CountryKids

  1. He looks like he is having so much fun! Love his expression. Sometimes these simple activities really are the most fun 🙂 #CountryKids

  2. I love the idea of a music bag, we’ve not got too many musical instruments but I think this is an area we really need to concentrate on. Thanks for the idea. Monkey looks as though he’s really enjoying it! x

  3. Sometimes the garden really is the best place to be. Sorry we don’t get to see photos of you though! 😉

  4. It is really lovely just to ‘be’ isn’t it and to be able to enjoy the lovely weather in our own back gardens. We had the water slide out on Thursday as school was closed and it was such a lovely day. I’m smiling at the thought of you marching too (can picture it) 🙂

  5. You don’t have to go further than your own garden for some lovely outdoor fun! Monkey looks so happy creating his own tunes and getting Mum in on the act too. Thanks for linking up and sharing the fun with Country Kids.

  6. Looks like he had fun! Nice idea to take the instruments outside. Less echo than in the house! Mel #CountryKids

  7. lol oh you make me laugh, he might not be phill collins …..YET!!! but give him time and practice #countrykids

  8. A music bag’s a great idea. We don’t have many instruments as his old sets have been broken and given away. Only a (proper) harmonica left). But N does love music, so I really should get some bits and pieces again for him to enjoy.

    (My music exploration with kids linky will be going up on 15th July, so would be great if you linked this post up).

  9. I love it when kids sing and play music. Theres just something about their voice. Makes the banging noise so pretty! My son do this too. He’s got a guitar that he just strum randomly and would sing. Thats my fave song whatever he is singing =) #countrykids

  10. I managed to escape 7yo ever wanting a drum. I am a lucky Mum! However I almost know the entire Frozen soundtrack off by heart now!

  11. Oh, this has inspired me to get the percussion out! We are already 3 weeks into the holidays and I need as many distractions as I can lay my hands on, no matter how noisy.


  12. Music play is great fun and lovely to take it outside for an outdoor concert. #CountryKids

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