Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

We really need to make a decision on Monkey’s new single bed soon.  Once we’ve finalised that, then we need to think about his room in general – here are some ideas for me to think about – they might help you too!

Your little boy’s bedroom is an incredibly important place. It’s where he sleeps and plays and is a room he can really call his own. Therefore, it’s vital that you come up with some great ideas for his room that can help him relax, inspire his imagination and just make sure he enjoys being in there.

Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

Here are some cool ideas that will look fantastic in any little boy’s bedroom…

Have a theme

A great way to make your little boy fall in love with his bedroom is to give it a theme of something he loves. Perhaps he likes football or pirates or racing cars; whatever he’s into, you can create a room that revolves around this theme. The curtains, carpet, wallpaper, and even furnishings and fitting can all fit into the theme, and it’ll make him feel like he’s in his own little wonderland.

Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

Be bright and bold

Most kids love bright colours so slap them around the room with gusto! Focus on the main aspects of the room, such as curtains, carpet and walls for the brightest colours and it’ll really come alive. has a great range of curtains to choose from, whilst Carpet Right have some really colourful carpets that would look fantastic.

Get a funky bed

He might not be a fan of going to bed when he’s told but if he has an amazing bed then he might just be slightly more inclined to trudge up to bed. This could fit in with the theme you’ve chosen; for example, if he’s into racing cars then he’d absolutely love this car bed or something similar. A tall bed with space underneath is good for storage and extra play room if he’s able to climb up a ladder into bed.

Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

Have a feature wall

To really make his room stand unique then try a feature wall. Take one of the walls and turn it into something dynamic that he can let his imagination run wild with. You could have a chalkboard wall for him to write and draw pictures on, or a magnetic wall to stick magnetic letters or other magnets on. However, perhaps the world’s greatest feature wall is this one made of Lego. Imagine how much fun he’ll have playing with that!

Wall letters make it personal to him

Using wall lettering, like this, will ensure that the room is personal to him and feels special. He can spell his name out on the wall so that anyone who enters knows exactly whose room it is! He doesn’t have to spell out his name, though; he can do whatever he wants to make it personal to him.

Cool lighting

Some children like to sleep with a light on, so why not get creative with the lighting? You can use fairy lights or lanterns, either white or coloured, or you can use funky looking lamps and spotlights. Even just having a lampshade in the bedroom’s theme works pretty well.

What do you think?  Ideas and inspiration much appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Bedroom Ideas for Your Little Boy

  1. We recently decorated Z’s room. He wanted red, light blue and dark blue. Next had some great accessories in those colours and bedsheets to match. He’s got some posters to put up and some new shelves for his books. It’s a really lovely room now!

  2. Some great ideas! We have been talking to E about what he would like in his room when we move. Superheroes is the decided theme (surprise, surprise!) and I’m hoping to make him a nice comfy area with some big cushions where he can sit and read his books.

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