Being brave and joining in

Being brave and joining in

Last week saw a couple of wonderful moments for Monkey.  He received an award at school and overcame a fear too.  Last week was all about being brave and joining in. It’s no big secret that Monkey is very shy and reserved and a confirmed wall flower.  Getting him to join in with anything can be challenging to say the least.  At school they’ve really tried help him feel more able to express himself in a group situation.  It’s lovely to see my quiet little boy, slowing coming out of himself and showing others what I see at home.

On Friday I was emptying his book bag after school and was quite taken aback.  There in his bag I found an award certificate.  Thespian of the Week.  My son!!!! Awarded for Great Participation.  Wow!!! I was speechless, and so proud.

Being brave and joining in

It took quite some time to coax some information out of Monkey.  But apparently they’d been acting out Going on a Bear Hunt.  He hadn’t wanted to join in at all, but eventually decided he would and then loved it.  Quite amazed.  Just brilliant.

But little did I know that Monkey had something else up his sleeve for the weekend.  Oh yes, this little boy was going to face his fears and do it anyway.

On Saturday we headed over to Salcey Forest with my friend L and her son C.  We’d discussed beforehand that Monkey’s totally refused to climb the watch tower at the end of the tree top walk on both of our previous visits.  Would he try this time around?  Neither of us mentioned the tree top walk until we were upon it. Monkey was straight off, he knew where he was and was happy to lead.

Being brave and joining in

But would he try to get to the very top?  Again, we said nothing.  We got to the bottom of the stairs and Monkey announced that he’d been scared of going up before, but he wanted to try this time.  Wow, ok, well take your time and see how you feel.  Take your time ….. lol, he was straight up the stairs.  I love this.  Is this my son??? It was so lovely to see his confidence growing at every turn.

Being brave and joining in

He was so proud of himself, and so was I.  Over coming fears, whatever they may be, is a big thing.  But this little boy wasn’t done.  Oh no, later on in the day, he announced that he wanted to go to the very top of the tree top walk again.  Go on then Monkey, go for it.

Being brave and joining in, my son.  I’ve been looking back at his journey through being a 6 year old.  It’s been hard at times, there have been struggles but blimey there have been some wonderful confidence boosting highs.  In two months time this little boy will turn 7.  I wonder what other changes we’ll witness before then?  Maybe, just maybe he’ll agree to be in our NCT group photo for the first time in 5 years, that would be a wonderful way to end being 6.  We will see.

But for now, I have a son who faced his fears and conquered the watch tower at Salcey Forest twice.  That was awesome.  But for me, Thespian of the Week, that’s something that will stay in my head for months to come.  That’s so big.  Monkey joined in, he joined in with acting. Acting.  Blooming marvelous.

Being brave and joining in

9 thoughts on “Being brave and joining in

  1. Such small steps but huge ones when you are small. Lovely to see them concur a fear on their own, you are allowed some mega proud mum moments. Fingers crossed you can capture a phot too this year as they grow far too quickly!

  2. It’s amazing how children change around 7 and you can see the adult they’ll become. They find themselves, and develop in confidence. He’s really growing up now! Huge well done on the Thespian Certificate – huge change from 3 years ago! 🙂

  3. Well done Monkey. I have one who hates being in group photos too – camping last year, he was one of 3 children there the whole year, but he refused to be in the kids photo. The only one of 16 who wasn’t in it, I was gutted! (He does do the NCT ones though).

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