Berry the Elf in 2019

Berry the Elf in 2019 – days 1-7 #elfontheshelf

Here we are again, another December, my son turns 10 in a couple of days time and I did wonder whether our little elf friend would be visiting again this year.  But my son has been on Berry arrival countdown for weeks.  I did have a minor heart attack a month or so ago when the elf wasn’t where I was expecting to find him, but eventually I managed to track him down and we were ready for Berry the Elf in 2019 – days 1-7.

Day 1

As usual Berry arrives through his little red door, bringing my son’s advent calendars – chocolate and Lego, along with a little note.

Berry the Elf in 2019

Day 2

We’ve got to keep things extra pet safe this year as Paddington is likely to attack anything and everything.  He’s already had a good investigation of Berry’s boots!  Anyway, we started our elf antics with a little bit of demolition.

Berry the Elf in 2019

Day 3

Berry the Elf in 2019

Berry had left my son with a snowman to make to match his own. Then later in the day my son wrote Berry a message to let him know he’ll be 10 next week and could Berry make him a card.  He even said thank you!

Day 4

Berry challenged my son to a festive game of pinball.  Could my son beat Berry’s score?

Berry the Elf in 2019

Day 5

Berry the Elf in 2019

Berry thought he quite fancied hatching out of a dragon egg for some reason.  My son loved this one.

Day 6

Berry the Elf in 2019 - days 1-7

Berry and his friends played pin the nose on the reindeer and left a few noses so my son could try to beat them all before school.

Day 7

A work Christmas party and remembering to move the elf do not go together – for the first time ever Berry had a day off!

What will the next week bring?

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