The best new film releases for Christmas 2014

The best new film releases for Christmas 2014

As Christmas approaches, what better gift to give your family than the delightful escapism of cinema?  Whether you’ll all be huddled around a 72 inch wide 1080 HD projector screen or squinting at a wall-mounted LCD as you peel the potatoes for the roast, make sure you have a great selection of new DVD releases to bring the magic of cinema to your household throughout the festive season.

The Action Movie

Put that old Die Hard VHS out to pasture and invest in something fresh for your Christmas Eve action. The Edge of Tomorrow is a futuristic, face-melting Hollywood blockbuster, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt providing the star heft. Cruise plays Major William Cage, a green-as-they-come army PR officer who has yet to see a day of combat until he is hurled into a devastating alien invasion and killed, almost instantly. Fortunately for Cage, he is resuscitated and must live, die, and repeat in a compellingly brutal time loop. Like its time-warping predecessors Groundhog DaySource Code and Looper, as long as you don’t think too hard about it, you’ll be left breathless by this one.

The best new film releases for Christmas 2014
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The Family Movie

Haunting, beautiful, and utterly commandeered by Angelina Jolie’s razor-sharp cheekbones from the off, Maleficent offers up a live action treat guaranteed to enthrall children and stun adults in equal measure. The back story to Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty animation, Maleficent follows the ‘real’ story of its shadowy, conflicted villain, and shows there’s more than one side to every story. A bickering turn from the three fairy godmothers and a shape-shifting raven are doled out as comic relief, but go easy on the port or you’ll be a weeping wreck by its ending.

The Big Animation

You don’t even need to have seen How to Train your Dragon to be swept skyward by its sequel, one of the most thrilling and touching animations since Toy Story 3. In a world inhabited by vikings and dragons, it follows the story of (now angsty teen) Hiccup, as he comes to terms with his future role as leader of the village of Berk, and the terrifying discovery he makes as he expands his horizons. But while the plot is compelling, the real reason you’ll keep watching is for Hiccup’s clumsy, wide-eyed dragon Toothless, who is about as threatening as a box of kittens and twice as cute.

Forget waiting for the TV guide to yield something substantial, ditch the adverts, plug-in the DVD player and take back control of your screen this Christmas. Your family will thank you for it.

What DVD’s have you got your eye on for the Christmas period?

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