Boy’s Costume Ideas for Birthday Parties

Boy’s Costume Ideas for Birthday Parties

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Do you have a child’s birthday looming on the horizon, with a bit of party planning to do? Has your son been invited to a friend’s party? In either case, you may be thinking about fancy dress party themes. From pirates to superheroes, parties can be taken to the next level with costumes, games, and festive themes that let little boys use all of that energy bundled inside of them. And if it’s a general costume party, here are a few fun ideas to help you get started with picking an outfit for your little boy.

Boy’s Costume Ideas for Birthday Parties
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  1. Children’s Book Characters

One of the first resources for mums trying to find a costume idea is the bookshelf. Does your son have a favourite book that he asks you to read every night? Or does he already like to play dress-up or make-believe as a particular book character? If you’ve participated in World Book Day in the past you may already have a few of these costumes lying about, whether it’s Harry Potter or the Gruffalo.

  1. Comic Book or Cartoon Characters

Another source of inspiration is the fantasy world of children’s cartoons and comics. Superhero costumes like Batman and Spiderman are always in hot demand with boys young and old, or you could select a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume at Funidelia to help him explore his sillier side.

  1. Pirates

Does your house often reverberate with the fierce cry of “shiver me timbers” and “ahoy matey?” If so, a pirate costume will be a natural fit for your wee one. Take it to the next level of cool realism with a stuffed parrot for his shoulder, an eye patch, and a fake pegleg or hook.

  1. Robots, Aliens, and Monsters

Little boys don’t always want to be superheroes or cuddly cartoon characters; they also love to play the villain or explore their dark sides with a scarier costume. And monsters can be cute as well as scary, just look at Monsters Inc. for inspiration! Robots are always a popular theme with boys and girls alike. A bonus to wearing a robot costume is that it’s extremely easy to make yourself; even a foil-covered cardboard box, vacuum nozzles, and other oddities sitting around the house can be combined in fun and futuristic ways.

  1. Woodland Creatures

Younger boys in particular may wish to dress up as their favourite animals. Garden and animal parties are a frequent theme at parties. Go for the cute and cuddly with a bunny, fox, or dog costume, choose an intricate insect costume, or let your boy explore his fiercer side dressed up as a wolf or bear. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can find a variety of patterns online to make basic animal costumes, or these can readily be purchased pre-made at any costume shop online.

If you’re the one planning a costume party, try selecting a costume first and then using this as the basis for a wider theme. And if you’re in doubt, just ask; chances are that your son will have plenty of ideas of his own!


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