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Being brave

I’m going to be using this post for a few linky’s this week – Magic Moments, What’s the Story? and Small Steps Amazing Achievements as it covers all three really well.  My son being brave.

My son is not a climber, he’s not particularly adventurous, a trip to the park really means a trip to the swings.  So imagine my surprise when we visited Beale Park on Thursday last week (separate post to follow) and he walked across the rope bridge all by himself, not once, but over and over again.  My son was being brave, it was a magic, unexpected moment.

This may seem like nothing, something that most other children heading towards their 4th birthday can achieve with ease.  This is epic for him, I was so proud of him, and the look of satisfaction on his face was a sight to behold.  I only got two photos of him in motion as I was just enjoying watching him overcome his fear, become a little braver, become a bit more adventurous.

Maybe one day he’ll tackle a climbing frame or enjoy a trip to a soft play centre, I don’t know, but just for now, I’m so happy for him, another big step for my little boy.


20 thoughts on “Being brave

  1. That’s amazing Mary, it must have been an incredible sight. You must be so pleased you captured it on camera. Well done Monkey, a fabulous achievement. Superb balancing skills. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. It goes to show how unique each child is, well done to your little Monkey for doing so well.
    I live just up the road from Beale park (in Cholsey)and haven’t taken my children since the new playground has been installed, so will try to fit it in this week I think x

  3. Aw Mary, I loved this, I can just imagine how proud you felt, both of you must have been fit to burst with delight. What a wonderful achievement for Monkey and a truly wonderful magic moment for mummy too x

  4. Bless him! I think I’d be nervous on that bridge myself! I’m not great with wobbling / being able to see the floor haha .

  5. Well done little monkey, you are getting so brave :0)

    It is funny how all of our children have different things to overcome, I wish Ethan was a little fearful, but thats a whole other story!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  6. What a lovely moment for you & well done to Monkey 🙂 We love Beale Park too, we live quite nearby!

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