breaking things

Breaking things!

Today has been one of those days – all about breaking things!  It was my son’s first day at Nursery School today (separate little post to follow) so we were in a rush as we get used to being back in a routine.

Having breakfast, bread in the toaster, and the lever comes away in my hand – first breakage of the day!  Luckily, we still managed to get our morning toast, but there was no way that the toaster was going anywhere other than the bin 🙁

I needed to pop into town to buy a new toaster, and so decided to do a little shopping in Sainsbury’s while I was there.  Was browsing (in peace – heaven) in the homeware section and saw a lovely pale blue/green glass vase with a candle that would go really well with my new sofa/cushions (another post I need to write!), it was reduced, so I bought it.  Got it home, filled it with the coloured sand, put the candle in it and walked from the Kitchen into the Living Room, the candle moved, hit the glass and cracked it – aaargh!!  second breakage of the day. Gutted.

breaking things

These things come in three’s don’t they?  All day long I’ve been waiting for the third breakage and been taking extra special care.  Late this afternoon I went into my bedroom and went to put my favourite peep-toed black sling-backs back in the wardrobe (they’d been waiting patiently for that since last Tuesday – oops, been busy) – something was wrong. NO!!!! I had a closer look, and basically, one side of the left shoe has completely come away from the sole – how the heck I didn’t notice that when I took them off, god alone knows?? How I managed not to break my neck in them is another puzzle.  Third breakage of the day 🙁

breaking things

So we now have a new toaster ……

breaking things

…..  we had a lovely new vase for all of 2 minutes, and I have to see if the Cobbler can do anything to save my favourite pair of shoes – not quite the day I’d planned – a day of breaking things.



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  1. Sorry to hear you had a cracking day (sorry) , a shame about the vase – but on the bright side, look at your shiny new toaster!

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