Brewster is seven today

Brewster is seven today

Our kitten Paddington has really taken the limelight recently and whilst he is now 14 weeks old, the day is rather more special for our larger fluffball as Brewster is seven today.

Brewster is seven today

Brewster has been the heart of our home since he moved in with us when he was a few months old.  As you may recall, he had big paws to fill as my saggy old cat Monty passed away not long before Brewster joined us.

We’ve watched him grown from a kitten into the adult cat he is today.  He’s a total fluffball, and very much likes his own way.  He will only ever sit on your lap when he wants to and won’t stay there for long.  If you don’t feed him quickly enough he’ll bite your feet, the same applies if you don’t let him out quickly enough or if he’s generally fed up with you.  Thankfully he’s never once tried to bite my son, but he seems to think I’m rather tasty.  But we still love him lots.

sleeping cat

Brewster is seven today and is the master of sleep.  He can sleep anywhere, there are a number of shrubs in the garden that he likes to sit underneath but when it’s pouring with rain there’s only one place he likes to be during the day, and that’s indoors.

His favourite spots are curled up by the patio door and stretched out on my bed.

sleeping cat on bed

He doesn’t ever sleep on the sofa, armchair or my son’s bed.  He will sleep all day given half a chance and loves it when he’s got the house to himself and lots of peace and quiet.

Brewster is most definitely a night owl, he goes out between 10 and 11 pm no matter what the weather is doing and won’t be seen again until breakfast time the next morning.  Unfortunately, he likes birds but not in the way that we do! Which has resulted in no birds using our bird table and feeders for the last six and half years.  He does like to bring us presents of bird feathers or mice, thankfully these never get further than the patio.  There’s a very good reason why I will never be a cat flap fan!

Brewster is seven today and we love him lots.  He’s had a lot of adjusting to do over the last three weeks with the arrival of Paddington.  We hadn’t appreciated how big Brewster was until we picked up our little kitten.  Brewster weighs a ton compared to him!  He also likes the quiet, slow life and a kitten jumping all over the place and not respecting his personal space has not gone down well.

They have to be supervised when they are both indoors.  We’ve tried to make the upstairs of our house a haven for Brewster to escape to, most of the time it works, he’s not impressed when Paddington bursts in on him when he’s been asleep!

sleeping cat

Things get more interesting when they are both in the living room.  We have to try to keep Paddington at paws length to avoid lots of hissing from Brewster and the occasional paw swipe.  There are moments were a truce is called and they have been known to fall asleep quite close together.  It’s very much work in progress.

cat and kitten

We’ll be making sure that Brewster gets lots of love and attention today, it’s not every day that you turn 7 after all.  We look forward to many more years with our top cat to come.


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