The B&W Photography Project Week 20

The B&W Photography Project Week 20 #bwphotoproject

The B&W Photography Project Week 20 with PODCast, and today I’m taking you to the grounds of Waddesdon Manor.  A place we love and haven’t visited for a few months. There is a new outdoor Lighting Installation exhibition – sadly we were there at the wrong time in the day – must go back later in the day.  But this one caught all of our imaginations.

The B&W Photography Project Week 20

Monkey couldn’t quite understand why we were looking at a vast array of plastic bottles. We could see the fibre optic cables inside, of the dome-shaped art installation.  We will return to see it in its full glory.

10 thoughts on “The B&W Photography Project Week 20 #bwphotoproject

  1. I have just come across your blog and I find it uplifting. I’m 43 and have a 9yr old son. I struggle with guilt that he has no siblings. I wish I could shake the feeling off. I think about the future too much rather than enjoying the here and now.

    1. Oh that’s lovely to hear, yes I know that feeling well. My son knows no different so won’t ever really appreciate what he’s missing in not having a sibling, but it’s hard for us Mum’s when we want to give them everything. I too worry about him in the future, having someone close to lean on times of upset – but it is what it is x

  2. I see what you mean. We’ll be there in the morning I should think, so we won’t get to see it in full proper light up

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