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One of my favourite things to eat is Cake, so where oh where to start with this week’s topic for The Theme Game!  I’m always baking with Monkey so I could have written about that, or my attempts to eat Coffee and Walnut cake at every National Trust property I’ve visited.  There are some amazing examples out there! But I decided to focus on a couple of examples of Cake that mean something to me and my little family.  You will have to excuse the picture quality as they are photo’s of photo’s.  I am going to be saying that a lot over the coming months!

Cake Cake

This is my wedding cake, one layer of normal sponge, one layer of chocolate cake!  It was covered in hearts and Daddy P’s sister made the floral decoration that sat on top of the cake.  In fact she can make the most wonderful floral displays, and did all of the flowers for our wedding as part of our present.  I didn’t want anything too ornate, I’m not overly keen on fruit cake, but this was wonderful.  We were both really pleased with it.

CakeThis photo has a whole host of family links.  Our wedding cake with the flowers arranged by my sister-in-law.  The wooden display table next to it, actually belongs to our local church but was ordered to remember Daddy P’s Mum.  She was heavily involved in the Mothers Union and this table bears her name.  My SIL made the floral display and we lit the candle at the beginning of our wedding ceremony in remembrance of three very special people who couldn’t be there.  My beloved Granny, Daddy P’s Mum and his Dad (who had only recently died).  The three of them are shown in the photographs on the wall in this photograph.  The Hotel staff were amazing, we wanted photos on display – no problem!

So, you just see a photo of a couple, cutting their wedding cake, we see so much more!

cakeThis is Monkey’s Christening cake – he was always going to like trains wasn’t he!  Again, I’m not in to big and flashy, just simple.  I love looking at this cake now – looking at my Monkey, the HUGE train fan.  Remembering a special day, celebrated on Daddy P’s first Father’s Day, a day which should have been Granddad P’s birthday.

So we celebrated and remembered – all with a bit of cake!

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18 thoughts on “Cake – The Theme Game

  1. Love it, and love your walnut cake sampling-where’s the best been? I hope it’s somewhere not too far from us so I can try it?! Intrigued by your comment about ‘photo’s of photo’s’ by the way 🙂 Thanks got sharing with #TheThemeGame

    1. Cliveden – exceptional! We are joining the NT again after outr trip to Spain, so I will resume my sampling. It’s been a few years so I’m hoping standards haven’t slipped in my absence. My PC has died, so at the moment I can’t access any original photos from the last xx years. I’m trying not to think about it as I can’t afford to fix it or replace it!

  2. Ah lovely cakes and lovely memories. Your mention of coffee and walnut cake got me thinking which type of cake I would like to sample and compare in numerous venues! I do like coffee and walnut, but chocolate or lemon drizzle or ginger cake would make my list too. Mmmm…. #TheThemeGame

  3. Those cakes look really nice, especially your wedding cake! I hope it tasted as good as it looks. Mel #TheThemeGame

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