Those immortal words!

Cardboard boxes – great value entertainment and FREE

We all spend so much money on presents for our kids but they still get the best entertainment value out of a free, empty, cardboard box – perhaps this should tell us something!

Our current, resident cardboard box has spent most of the week being a train or a bus with my son as the driver and his teddies as the passengers. Even Brewster kitten was allowed to be a passenger at one point, he didn’t seem to be so keen on that idea.

This morning my son asked me to draw a house on the bottom of the box so we could stand it up and play firemen.  I was then instructed to draw a fire coming out of one of the windows.  So today the box is a house on fire and my son and his fire engines are coming to the rescue.  This keeps him busy for a while, and then the burning house becomes a rubbish dump – obviously!  🙂

Simple things = great entertainment value.  What will the box be tomorrow?   A plane, a boat?  Who knows.  The one thing I do know is that my son won’t get bored with it any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Cardboard boxes – great value entertainment and FREE

  1. When I moved up here we had loads of washing machine sized boxes which our children and their friends played with in the garden for the next two years! It was hilarious seeing 4 or 5 6-9 year old children rolling about the lawn pretending to be spacemen etc 😀

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