Caring for a child with Chickenpox

Caring for a child with Chickenpox

The mere mention of the word Chickenpox is something that used to fill me with dread.  I was one of those people, along with my brother, who didn’t catch Chickenpox as a child.  He caught it in his early 30’s and it finally caught up with me at the age of 39, when I was visiting my parents in Spain.  I suffered terribly with it but was relieved I’d finally got it over and done with.  When my son was born, I really hoped that he’d catch the virus before he started school, so that he didn’t have to suffer the ordeal I’d been through as an adult.  When he was three years old and at pre-school we were made aware that Chickenpox was doing the rounds, and I was probably the only parent who was thrilled with the news.  I really hoped that my son wasn’t as resistant to it as I’d clearly been as a child. Although I did wonder how I go about caring for a child with Chickenpox.

Caring for a child with Chickenpox

This photo signalled the start of my son’s experience with Chickenpox.  This was taken on the day the first spot was discovered, when he first looked a little under the weather, back in February 2013. Over the next few days he got more and more spots and we were left in no doubt that Chickenpox had arrived in earnest.  I rang his pre-school to let them know he wouldn’t be in and apparently I was the fourth parent to ring that morning, by the end of the day another 3 children had also be struck down with it.

I’d been fairly oblivious to my own treatment of the spots as I’d been so unwell, my Mum had come to the rescue and that time is still pretty much a blur.  So caring for a child with Chickenpox was totally new territory for me.  When I asked other parents what they suggested the same name came up over and over again, Care ViraSoothe cooling gel. In fact I mentioned it in one of my very first blog posts as we were coming to grips with the virus.  Everyone said how good the Care ViraSoothe cooling gel was at cooling their children down and helping to relieve their itching, thus reducing the risk of scarring.

Caring for a child with Chickenpox

As a parent to a three-year old suffering with Chickenpox I was so worried about him scratching his spots and leaving scars, that I really wanted to do anything to reduce that possibility.  I despatched my husband to the local chemist and he returned with the Care ViraSoothe Cooling Gel, although I see now that there’s also a SprayGel version which does exactly the same job.

Both products can be easily applied to the skin and are suitable to be used on children aged 6 months and over. I was so impressed with the results.  It really did help my son and meant that we all got a little more sleep when he was feeling his poorliest as the gel kept him cooled down.  I also learned that a little goes a long way.

I now have a strapping eight year old on my hands and our Chickenpox days seem a long time ago, but as those days signalled the birth of my blog, they will never be forgotten.  Also if anyone ever asks me about caring for a child with Chickenpox, Care ViraSoothe has always been top of tips and that would be the case with or without the blog.  It worked wonders for my son and all his friends, who caught it one after the other that year.

I’ve also learned that Care ViraSoothe have an online hub on their website with information on chickenpox and advice on how to manage it, which can be accessed here:

You can find the Care ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Gel and SprayGel in supermarket pharmacies nationwide as well as in Boots, Rowlands Pharmacy and Independent Pharmacies across the country.  The product can also be purchased online at Boots, Sainsbury’s, Lloyds Pharmacy and Amazon.

Have you been through the Chickenpox days?

disclosure:  I have been compensated for this post, but I’d happily recommend this product and as always, my views remain my own honest opinions



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