Caring for a DSLR Camera

Caring for a DSLR camera – top 10 tips

Caring for a DSLR Camera

I have loved taking photographs from an early age. I started with my Mum’s Brownie camera, then progressed to my own Kodak instamatic and the God awful 127 cameras. Thankfully I avoided the disc cameras! As a young adult I had a SLR camera for a long time and took some convincing to join the digital age! Mad really as I’ve always been a prolific snapper and used to spend an absolute fortune on film processing.  I’ve since had a digital compact camera and over the last year used a Bridge camera.  But I knew I really wanted a DSLR.  So I’ve spent the last year saving my pennies and have now invested in a Canon EOS 70D.  I don’t profess to be a brilliant photographer, I definitely have a lot to learn.  Caring for a DSLR camera is certainly something I need to take seriously, after all the camera was quite a large investment!

So what do you need to consider when caring for a DSLR Camera?

  • I had a bag which I used specifically for my old SLR camera and luckily my new Canon DSLR fits it too.  It’s great for added protection, but as time goes on and I invest in filters and a Macro Lens I will buy a more specific camera bag and this would be In The Playroom‘s top tip too.
  • Eileen at ET Speaks from Home suggests having a wipe and blower on hand, and the camera cleaning set and tips mentioned here could be ideal.  My camera has an auto sensor cleaning function, but if your’s doesn’t it is crucial that you follow the care instructions in your manual.
  • Don’t take your memory card out of your camera when it’s switched on.  If you do, you are likely to damage the operating software.
  • Kate at My Family Fever suggests getting some advice from your local camera shop. Having worked for one such company many years ago, I agree, they can be a great sort of information on caring and getting the most out of your camera.
  • Avoiding humidity is something Charly at PODCast mentions, and my camera didn’t cope well in the Rainforest Biome at Eden Project recently.
  • Something I’ve learnt recently is that having a faster memory card helps with your battery life.  Also worth remembering to take your battery out of the camera when it’s not in use.
  • Emma at Bubbablueanndme reminds us to always use a lens cap and hood. Or use an AV filter which will help protect the lens but not impact the actual photos. Always use the strap.  I agree with Emma, I’m paranoid about scratching my lens, so the cap is always in use when the camera isn’t here.
  • Rain – lets face it we can’t avoid the stuff in this country.  So if you are out and about in the rain with your camera remember not to change your lens in the rain and don’t open the Memory Card slot!
  • Keeping Monkey away from my new camera has been easier than expected!  He has his own digital camera and I thought he might be tempted, but he’s learnt very quickly not to go near Mummy’s new toy.
  • This might seem obvious but don’t drop it!  It’s highly likely that it won’t bounce!

Anything I’ve missed?

disclaimer:  I will be receiving a DSLR camera cleaning kit in exchange for this post.


4 thoughts on “Caring for a DSLR camera – top 10 tips

  1. Thanks for including my tips. I feel a bit of a cheat because I’ve got a mirrorless camera, but apart from it being four thirds sensor size, it does the same as a DSLR. I’m saving for a macro lens too. They’re so pricy from Panasonic – well, the original one available was, but there’s a new cheaper version out. I just need to see some reviews before deciding whether to go for that one or not. And I’d like another prime lens too.

    I’ve seen some amazing bags. I got one for Christmas, but obviously the OH didn’t ask me about the types I wanted, so while mine fits everything in and is great, I’ve since seen some gorgeous ones that are less like camera bags.

  2. The point and shoot digital cameras are probably the easiest to care for. There’s not much to fiddle around with and clean, you just have to make sure the display is free of any smudges and no visible problems on the rest of the camera.

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