Caterpillar update time – week 1

Due to popular demand I have decided to write a weekly progress report on our caterpillar.  If you’ve missed all the fun then please click on these two previous posts to bring you up to speed 🙂

When I went to bed last Saturday our new addition to the family was still sitting on a hawthorn leaf, not doing very much and still looking very much like a caterpillar.  I’d emailed Guru Gramps and was told ‘don’t worry, any day now he’ll disappear into the earth, cocoon himself and pupate’. Casper Caterpillar 8th June 2013 Casper Caterpillar 8th June 2013

When I came downstairs on Sunday morning, our little caterpillar had had a very busy night.  I was very excited to see that he had started to spin his cocoon, not hiding away in the earth, but right on the cling film lid of his home!  How amazing, and wonderful to show my son exactly what was happening.

The only downside to this exhibitionism is that my photos aren’t great, but hopefully, it will give you, the reader an idea of what is happening to our little caterpillar friend as he starts the next part of his life cycle. Casper Caterpillar Sunday 9th June 2013 Casper Caterpillar Sunday 9th June 2013

You can just about make out his legs in the photo’s above.  We could actually see him spin his cocoon.  It was brilliant.  We went off to the Tractor Ted Farm show and wondered what stage he’d be at when we returned. Casper Caterpillar Sunday eve 9th June 2013 Casper Caterpillar Sunday eve 9th June 2013

When we got home he was more cocooned and his shape was changing slightly.

On Monday this week, he’d changed again, definitely more of a cocoon and no longer any visible movement. Casper Cocoon Monday 10th June 2013 Casper Cocoon Monday 10th June 2013

Tonight, I’ve been able to peel back the cling film and the cocoon is actually attached to the glass jar.  Unfortunately, my camera still struggles to focus very well, but hopefully, you get the idea. Casper Cocoon Thursday 13th June 2013 Casper Cocoon Thursday 13th June 2013

Watch this blog for further updates 🙂

28 thoughts on “Caterpillar update time – week 1

  1. Oh that’s fab. So lovely for Monkey to watch. Miss M has a whole tray of little pots in her classroom at school with a caterpillar hanging from the lid of each one. We were just looking at them this morning actually – can’t wait to see them change.

    1. He did a similar thing at pre-school too, but I’ve never actually seen a caterpillar cocoon itself. Have seen loads that have already pupated, but this has been a real thrill for the whole family

  2. What a great way for Monkey to be able to see nature in action! We have a similar relationship with the white crab spider in our garden….

  3. What fun! It’s great when we can give our children the chance to learn through experience.

  4. A wonderful process to share with Monkey and I’m rather enjoying your caterpillar update too. I’m am hoping to see Monkey release a lovely butterfly into the garden next week and do chasing after it!

  5. OMG i have never seen this myself what a fab idea for Monkey to be able to see!

    I am so pleased you have linked this up with #MagicMoments i cant wait to see what happens!

  6. Magic. We did this a few years ago and it took me right back to my childhood. Great idea to photo and record the transformation!

  7. What a brilliant thing to do. I haven’t done anything like this since I was very young. I really must do it for the girls, they would love to watch it and our garden is awash with caterpillars right now 🙂

    1. It’s been so much fun, and really interesting for all of us. Would recommend, mind you it helps having Dad, who took one look at the photo and said – ‘ready to pupate any day’ and knew exactly what it will turn into!

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