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Celebrating Mother’s Day When Your Mother is in a Care Home

I’m very lucky that my Mum is relatively well and living a happy life in Spain and I hope that will continue for many years to come.  But I do have friends with Mothers and Grandmothers who aren’t so well and live in care homes.

Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Mother is in a Care Home
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Mother’s day is approaching. On March 15th, families everywhere will be celebrating the
wonderful women in their life who give so much to their children throughout the year. For many people, this will mean planning a celebration for an elderly mother living in a care home for the elderly such as Extra Care at Home. If your mother lives in a nursing home she may be able to leave the facility for an outing or she may have limitations that prevent her from leaving. No matter the situation, there is a range of special activities you can do with her to show your love and appreciation.

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Taking your mother out for the day on Mother’s day

If you mother is mobile enough to leave the home, there are countless activities that you can do with your mum on mother’s day. Think about what your mother enjoys doing the most. If she loves animals, what about taking her to the zoo or if she is an art lover, take her to a museum? Some mothers might enjoy just having quality time with their daughter and would cherish a stroll in the park with a nice picnic. Ensure that you don’t over plan, many seniors tire easily so don’t try to cram too much in one day. Go where her heart is. For mothers who live in a nursing home, the place she might want to go most is the familiar setting of family member’s home where she has found memories.

Celebrating Mother's Day When Your Mother is in a Care Home
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Staying in the care home on Mother’s day

If your mother must remain in the nursing home, there are still endless ways you can
celebrate mother’s day. Remember that the purpose of mother’s day is to spend time with your mother and celebrate motherhood. Something as simple as sitting down with your mother, talking about your week and reminiscing on old times can mean a great deal to her.

It’s an activity you can do anywhere, whether it’s in her room, in the communal area or the garden. If she is quite often stuck in one room, change the scenery; take her on a slow stroll around the garden. This is especially a good idea if the sun is shining.

Get her a small gift that will mean a lot to her such as a framed photograph of the family, or a video-tape of the grandkids saying how much they love he,r it will help her to feel loved and thought about. If your children and spouse can come with you then the more the merrier.

The greatest gift a mother can give is her love, and it’s the most precious one that she can
receive too. The more people celebrating the day with her the more love she will receive.

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