Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on

Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts how the Roger Hargreaves Mr Men characters have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first Mr Men book, Mr Tickle was published in 1971, and I’ve been celebrating Mr Men 45 years on with my 6 year old Monkey son.

Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on

As a child I loved reading the Mr Men books with my brother, we also regularly watched the television programmes that went with the books.  I always loved Mr Messy, I totally relate to him, which will come as no surprise to my parents or Daddy P.  I’ve not improved with age! Mr Uppity reminded me of my Maths Teacher at school, he was always so grumpy and scared me a lot at Middle School.

Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on

Move on a generation and the Little Miss characters had joined the gang, perfectly time for the arrival of my nieces. It never worried me as a child that the characters were all ‘Men’, I loved them regardless.  But times have changed and I’d certainly be Little Miss Busy these days.

The Mr Men Little Miss series is as popular now as is ever was and I’d started collecting the Mr Men books for Monkey right from birth.

Regular readers will know exactly who his favourite character is. Monkey has loved Mr Bump from the first time I ever read him the book.  No matter which adventure we read, he’s consistently stayed true to his clumsy friend. We often talk about the different Mr Men as we read the stories and think about who we know who has similar traits.  Daddy P would certainly be Mr Forgetful.

Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on and sharing my own memories with Monkey, of a favourite series is always fun.  I really love characters that stand the test of time, those I can share with Monkey, and watch him love them, as much as I did as a child.  That’s rather special isn’t it.

Celebrating Mr Men 45 years on

Are you fans of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters in your household? If you are, you might be interested to know about the Mr Men Little Miss Mini Museum pop up exhibition.  It’s being held at Gallery@OXO on London’s South Bank from Thursday 25th August to Monday 29th August 2016.  Featuring memorabilia covering the past 45 years of the Mr Men Little Miss series, you can also add to the archives yourselves.

Part of the exhibition includes the newly launched Virtual Archive.  Upload your favourite Mr Men Little Miss image to the Virtual Archive and the first 45 people who upload will receive a limited edition print signed by Adam Hargreaves.

Whilst at the exhibition you can visit Happyland as well as visiting a personalisation stand, going home with your own personalised print of a Mr Men or Little Miss character.  If we weren’t in Cornwall then, we would certainly be there to get ours!

Do let me know if you do make it there, I’d love to hear all about it.

disclosure:  I’ve been compensated for this post and one very happy Monkey received a Mr Men bundle of goodies, but my comments still remain my own honest opinions.

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  1. We’re big fans of the Mister Men & Little Misses in our house. As you say, if these characters can pass the test of time they must have something about them that captures and entertains children’s imaginations! Little Mister received a complete Mr Men box set for Xmas and we are still reading at least one every other night! And it’s lovely because I remember them from my childhood too.
    Love the idea of the exhibition but I’m not sure we can get down to London for that weekend; it’s on my ‘possibles’ list!

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