Changes since turning 6

Changes since turning 6 – films

I’m so glad that I stuck to my plan of a quiet couple of weeks over the Christmas holidays. The break was stress free and Monkey was an absolute joy to be with.  I’ve noticed a couple of changes since turning 6 in my young son.  He is very selective over which films he will watch, he scares very easily.  When you have a child who is terrified of the Patbots in Postman Pat the Movie, we only recently went back to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur.  Next time we definitely need to avoid the trailers.  Even watching films at home has been a total minefield, but I’ve seen a few changes since turning 6 from Monkey.

Changes since turning 6

We’d tried watching Polar Express last year and it was a disaster, this year Monkey had spotted the DVD in Sainsburys and showed an interest in it.  So I came up with a plan.  I bought the DVD and book for his Christmas Eve box.  It went down well that Berry the Elf had left them for him.  Good start.  We read the book before bedtime on Christmas Eve and Monkey loved it.  So come Boxing Day we were all wanting to chill out a little, shall we watch Polar Express Monkey?  Is it like the book Mummy?  Yes, there are some extra bits but most if it is like the book.  I won’t lie, there were a few wobbles, but we made it through the film and he gave it the seal of approval.

So I decided to take the bull by the horns and suggest we watch a film on TV over the next few days.  Uum.  I’d bought him Rio on DVD for Christmas as we’d been sent Rio 2 last year and that was one film he really did love.  So we started our movie time with Rio, and it went well, ok, next stop Turbo – Monkey it’s all about a snail, you love snails don’t you? Uum.  Another hit, wow, see what you’ve been missing Monkey?

Let’s try Brave, something freaked him right at the start and that was clearly going to be a no go.  Ok, Monsters Inc, I really don’t think it’s scary Monkey, Scully looks like a teddy bear. I had no idea what the film was about, but luckily we got through the Monster scaring scenes relatively unscathed and Monkey conceded that the film was ok.

Finding Nemo?  I’ve seen a bit of it at school.  Ok, well shall we watch all of it? I don’t know.  Monkey, I love this film, honestly it’s a good one.  So he sat, all cuddled up with me and watched it.  All of it.

This may all seem rather trivial to you, especially if your 6 year old has happily sat through Star Wars, but for us this is huge.  I was left wishing I’d recorded more films whilst there were so many on offer.  So I shall be looking for suggestions from you all.  What can we tempt Monkey with next?


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  1. Yay, he’s getting there. Personally I don’t think Star Wars is really suitable for 5/6 year olds, but I do know people who’ve taken their 4 year olds and they’re really into superheroes and that kind of thing. I know N would find it boring and hate it.

    We love Rio here (Santa brought him Rio 2 although it’s not yet been taken out of the wrapping), Monsters Inc he loves, Finding Nemo, Arthur Christmas and Despicable Me are great. Although I taped a few Disney movies and he’s not overly keen. He wouldn’t watch Up, or Brave (it’s about a girl!), and he’s never watched the whole of aladdin or Peter Pan. And he wouldn’t watch past the dancing waiters in Polar Express. I just record lots, start watching and he mostly says no. So they go until the next time they’re on.

    I’ve not taken him to the cinema yet, mostly because of the length once you’ve got the trailers on as well (he went with a friend to Peppa Pig last year though). They should really do trailer free showings, because not all trailers will be suitable for all children.

    1. I agree with Star Wars too. I forgot about Arthur Christmas – yes we watched that too. He was given it as a birthday present when he was 5 and it only got taken out of the wrapper over the holidays. Great film. Ok Despicable Me – first on my list.

      I think the trailers are generally unsuitable for children under the age of 7 tbh. The trailers at Postman Pat had him terrified before we’d even started, and again not great before The Good Dinosaur. I’ll be making a point of arriving at least 15 minutes late next time

  2. He’s making huge strides all of a sudden, isn’t he? Lovely to hear and it’s so nice to curl up in front of a good movie together. I’d suggest Madagascar, that was Boo’s favourite when she was little, and I like it because it’s funny and unlike pretty much every Disney movie, there are no traumatic deaths or separations! X

  3. interesting read as my nephew ( age 4 and a half ) is exactly the same . the minions movie would be good – Big hero 6 and Home are great but the first has a death in it and the other one you think he has died at the end so probably best to avoid . My 5 year old loves the croods and enjoyed the peanuts movie today .

  4. This is lovely to read, I would love to sit at home and watch a film with Ethan. We did really well with the minions at the cinema, not sure if that is something he might like, but films at home just don’t hold Ethan’s attention.

    What about Wall-E, not much talking in that until they get to the space station, I do love that film. Frozen? Only a big snowman in that but I wouldn’t say scary. I also really love tangled, I know they are ‘girls’ films but I thought they would be nice to ease him in. Car’s! Cars, or planes, would be good.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    1. Yes I’ve now bought the Minion ones, Wall-E added to the list, apparently he hates Frozen – they’ve seen it at school – I’m the only person on the planet yet to see that film. Cars he did love, tractor tipping etc but something freaked him and he won’t watch it any more at all. Planes we have, he isn’t fussed on that either.

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