Cheap ideas to transform a childs bedroom

Cheap ideas to transform a childs bedroom

I was cleaning in my son’s bedroom this morning whilst he was at pre-school and I had the idea for this post. My son is obsessed with vehicles – tractors, diggers, trains etc etc, but how long will that obsession last?  Not wanting to or being able to afford to spend vast amounts of money creating a theme for his bedroom, for him to change his preferences five minutes later.  Over the last year I’ve added a few things to his room to theme it, cheaply but rather effectively. I thought they might give someone else some inspiration.

Cheap ideas to transform a childs bedroom

Firstly, we have a couple of the Jack’s Mega Machines books published by Simon and Schuster, my son loves these books (great reads) and they come with fold out card machines.  At the time my son was given these books he would have destroyed the machines in minutes, so I decided to turn them into mobiles for his bedroom.  He can see them every day, but seven months down the line they are still in one piece!

Jack's Mega Machine mobiles

Next is a framed picture of a railway scene – this is actually a piece of wrapping paper from Phoenix cards!  There is so much going on in this scene, my son loves it and we talk about it most days.  When he’s grown out of it, we can just put something different in the frame. Trains

Finally, I found some wonderful greetings cards (some I have found since as larger prints), bought some frames – cheap prints for my son’s wall and shelf.  Easy to change as his tastes change. cards in frames

Simple ideas which really didn’t cost very much and can be easily changed as my son grows up 🙂





9 thoughts on “Cheap ideas to transform a childs bedroom

  1. Fabulous ideas and I couldn’t agree more on keeping it simple. Children do go through so many different interests and it’s great to theme the room around those ideas – but without doing a massive overhaul or spending a fortune. What’s great about your ideas is that they are achievable for your child to contribute to as his skills increase – he’ll probably be theming his own room around his interests before long! 🙂 Have a great weekend. Visiting from #PoCoLo

  2. Hi!

    I’m the illustrator of the Jack’s Mega Machine series and I just wanted to say how fantastic the Digger and Rocket racer look as Mobiles!!

    It’s great to see the Pop-up’s being used in such a fun way!


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