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Last week we received a postcard of the Eiffel Tower from my International Book Swap partner (more on that to come later in the week) and it started a conversation with Monkey about the tower itself and Paris.  We found France on his globe and on the world map he’d received from a review we are currently working on.  I then asked him if he’d like to see the photos from my last trip to Paris in June 2001 (I seriously need to revisit!).  I was reminded of an actioned packed week, spent in one of my favourite cities and also of a rather costly mistake! Cheers from Paris, and you may just think I was rather thirsty, but I’d messed up the order with my French which obviously wasn’t as good as I thought!


It was the start of a wonderful week in Paris, with my ex, my best friend and her partner. The weather was wonderful, and we were trying to cram as much as possible into every day. We’d arrived in Paris the previous afternoon, got our bearings and had an evening meal.

Monday began the full on sight-seeing with me in charge of the itinerary.  We’d got up early and headed for the Eiffel Tower.  Knowing the queues would be long later in the day we aimed to get there first thing.  My best friend doesn’t do queuing. She doesn’t really do early mornings either, but she was happy when we were pretty much the first people in the queue.  I’d visited Paris with school but had not made it up to the top of the tower then.  We all made it to the top and the views were wonderful.  It gave us all a chance to see Paris in all its glory.

Then we were off to La Grande Arche de la Défense before walking along the Champs Elyseés to the Arc de Triomphe and then on again to the Place de la Concorde.  We took so much in on that first day and we ended up walking along by the Seine to take in the views of the wonderful Notre Dame.  We had all worked up quite a thirst and decided we had earned a lovely cold beer.  We picked a pavement cafe by the side of the Cathedral and being the best French speaker in the group, I ordered the beers!

Cheers! and oops to ordering litre glasses, the round cost me £42.00!  Considering this was in 2001, it was a lot of money, but we’d had a wonderful day.  My friends forgave me, the beer was good and it was one of many memories that made us laugh for years to come.

So cheers all!  I think I might just share some of the wonderful places we visited in a future post.

8 thoughts on “Cheers #whatsthestory

  1. Oh yes, the over ordering of drinks. I’ve never done that….oh and in Paris you pay a huge premium for ordering outside too. My favourite part is Montmartre-the arty bit and I’d love to take the children there someday 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Paris twice and I really enjoyed it, it is a beautiful city, although the galleries are my favourite part. We had the 8yo with us both times (at 10mo and 22mo) so we didn’t manage the drinking beer part 🙂

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