Christmas Eve is here

Christmas Eve is here

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is here?  Monkey is so excited this year, although I’m not sure how he’s going to handle opening the last package in his Playmobil advent calendar, opening the last chocolate coin on my homemade calendar!

Christmas Eve is hereThree things on our mantlepiece sum up Christmas for me, I’ve always found the Nativity to be a magical story.  My Papa was a Vicar, and although Mum never forced us to go to church, I always loved the services in December, I love Christmas carols, I love sharing the experience with Monkey.  It’s important to me that he understands why we really celebrate Christmas.

My angel candle is a new addition, but takes me right back to my childhood.  We had a larger version, with 4 candles, one was lit each Sunday of advent, they were red, I loved watching them be lit each week, knowing that Christmas was coming ever nearer. Watching the angels spinning round and round.  Our family one had bells too, I really loved it.

Father Christmas – the magic of watching Monkey believe, really believe this year.  He was quite concerned that we don’t have a chimney.  How will Father Christmas leave us presents Mummy?  Well, there’s a magic door in our roof, and he comes through the loft ladder and abseils down.  He’s very agile these days, our Father Christmas!  Monkey believes, its magical.

Christmas Eve is here and this afternoon we’re off to the Crib Service at our local church.  The same church where Monkey, Daddy P and his Mum were all christened.  We’ve been to the crib service for the last couple of years.  I have no expectations that Monkey will want to dress up as a shepherd.  That’s fine.  The service is wonderful, it’s all about the children, all about the Nativity Story.  It’s a magical experience, it’s the right place for us to be on Christmas Eve, as a family.  Yes, even Daddy P will be there (well let’s put it this way – I’ve told him we need to leave an hour before we really do – so fingers crossed he will be home from work).

We get two whole days with Daddy P, a rarity for Monkey.  Real Daddy time.  We’ll come home from church, have dinner, read Christmas stories.  Then we’ll be sprinkling our Reindeer food on the garden, leaving a little Santa stocking with a note for Father Christmas (thank you Postman Pat for this addition to our stocking collection), leaving a Christmas chocolate, mince-pie, milk and a carrot.

Christmas Eve is hereWatching our PNP Christmas Eve video from Father Christmas.  Then it will be bed time for Monkey.

Christmas Eve is hereOnce he’s asleep, it will be all about adding to the magic, leaving the little Santa sack at the bottom of Monkey’s bed with a few presents from the great man himself.  Arranging the remaining presents in our living room.  Leaving crumbs on our ‘Santa’ plate.  Getting some sleep.  Before the magic of Monkey’s Christmas Day begins.

I want to fully appreciate Christmas with my little family so I’ll be leaving my blog in peace for a couple of days.  I’m sure I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming, but no blog posts, just family.  So I’d like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a truly magical Christmas, where ever you are, however you celebrate.  Enjoy it! and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂

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