Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the Kitchen

Now Monkey’s birthday is behind us I’ve been able to start thinking about the next big event – Christmas!  It’s amazing how quickly it is upon us!  Christmas in the Kitchen has been all about Gingerbread Stars for our Christmas tree, Christmas Chocolates and Oaty Christmas biscuits.

We started our Christmas in the Kitchen with Gingerbread Stars.  Now normally I would make the gingerbread from scratch but I’ve got so many other projects going on at the moment, I decided to give myself a break.  I cheated and bought a pack from Sainsburys. Christmas in the kitchenI decided to keep 3 stars for me to make, and gave the rest to Monkey to do whatever he liked with.  One ended up as a present for Daddy P, the rest are now hanging on our Christmas Tree.

There wasn’t enough ribbon really with the kit, but I’m always saving things from parcel deliveries, so we re-cycled some other ribbons.  Will they all make it to Christmas without being eaten I wonder??

Next up with Christmas in the Kitchen was something that takes me back to my own childhood.  Mum would always make us Christmas and Easter chocolates.  I used to love all of the different shapes.  I’d bought a Christmas cakes mould from Avon a couple of months back and also got some moulds from the 99p Stores with part of the #my99psummer winnings.

Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen

This was my first attempt so I didn’t want to go for any fancy flavours, I just wanted to make some milk chocolates for Monkey and Daddy P.  I used 2 bars of chocolates, broke them up into little pieces, put in a bowl over a pan of boiling water and waited for the chocolate to melt.  I guess you could do this in the microwave, but I wanted to do it like my Mum used to.  No microwaves when I was a little girl!!

When the chocolate is melted, it’s just a case of spooning the liquid into the moulds.  I didn’t have enough chocolate to fill all of the moulds so I did a few of each to give me a good selection. Christmas in the KitchenI then placed the various moulds in the fridge for an hour and waited until the chocolates had set.  Using silicone moulds is great – so easy to pop the finished chocolates out.

Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the KitchenMonkey has a School Christmas Party and we were asked to supply biscuits.  I’d seen an Oaty Biscuit recipe in the Sainsburys Christmas magazine so thought we’d make some Christmas Stars for the party.  I’m definitely better with cakes than biscuit and pastry dough!  But they turned out ok in the end!

Christmas in the KitchenOver the next couple of days I’ll be busy making mince pies and my favourite things – Christmas Muffins using mincemeat – they are scrummy.  Hopefully I’ll have time to share the recipe with you before the big day!

What do you like to make for Christmas treats?


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  1. This all looks gorgeous. My used those moulds too – as do I now! My baking day is tomorrow and Monday. I’m making dome Christmas brioche for our Christmas Day breakfast as well as some salted caramel sauce as gifts. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo and for your support this year x

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