Christmas past

Christmas past

How can it possibly be 23rd December??? Eek.  We should have been down in Wiltshire today visiting one of Monkey’s godmum’s who’s recovering from an operation.  But with the severe weather warnings she asked us not to make the journey.  Although we were gutted not to see her and her little girl, I think it was probably for the best.  It gave us time to finally make some mince pies and got me thinking of Christmas past.

These photos were taken on 25th December 2009, Monkey was 15 days old – his first Christmas.

Christmas pastYou’ll have to excuse the quality, I used my phone camera to take a photo of the originals as I can’t reach the tower PC at the moment to copy from there.  Too many presents in the way!

This is Monkey, in his Moses basket, wearing a lovely red velour reindeer sleep suit, a present from his other godmum, with his Winnie-the-Pooh, a present from me.

I don’t actually have many clear memories of this particular Christmas past.  At the time Monkey was barely sleeping at night at all, I’m sure I was a zombie on that particular Christmas Day.

Luckily Daddy P’s sister had invited us for Christmas dinner, with the instructions ‘come when you like, eat what you want, leave when you want, don’t worry about anything’.  I was really grateful, to not have to think about cooking, to not worry if Monkey screamed all the way through dinner (luckily he slept right through it), to know we could leave when we wanted, that no-one would mind if I wasn’t looking my best.  I think I actually had a sleep while we were there.

Monkey’s first Christmas was spent with family.  He was a star, I do remember that.  He had lots of cuddles with his Auntie and Uncle, his cousins and their children loved having a new little one to sit with too.

That Christmas past is almost a blur, something that should be marked, but can barely be remembered. Unlike Monkey’s second Christmas, which we’ll never forget!  Snow storms, cancelled flights, tearful calls to Spain, getting there in the end and enjoying a Spanish Christmas – but that’s a whole different What’s the Story? post.



14 thoughts on “Christmas past

  1. What a wonderful post Mary. Such a shame you couldn’t travel but the weather is atrocious – presume it’s similar in Wiltshire. I can almost smell those mince pies though! I just love those photos of Monkey 15 days old, just adorable. As you said those early days are always such a blur. It’s lovely he was so good for you. Great too that you got to enjoy his second Christmas once you arrived in Spain. That was when POD was born so I remember it very well! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post with #whatsthestory, have a great Christmas xxx

  2. Awww how cute! Sounds like it was a great Christmas. Someone cooking for you, sleeping and a new baby…think I’ll need to plan a near Christmas baby for myself lol. Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. A lovely post. I can imagine it passed by in a blur, as tiredness will do that every time! I was actually looking at photos of Boo’s other Christmases today, and couldn’t believe how small she looked and how quickly it’s gone by – I bet you’re the same with Monkey. Hope you all a lovely time this year xx

  4. Lovely photos – instantly recognisable as Monkey! I’m impressed you remember anything at all from his first Christmas, 15 days is definitely still a very blurry point! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  5. Monkey’s Godmother is probably right, the winds and rain are terrible here and the river is brimming, my brother is travelling to us tonight and I worry for him. I know what you mean about no remembering past Christmases clearly, lack of sleep has that effect. I hope this year is one you will have some happy memories from that stay with you for ever.

    1. Yes I’m glad we stayed put, the rain and wind last night here was bad enough. The brook through town flooded the old part of town this morning so a lot of old people will be having a pretty miserable Christmas Day 🙁

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