Concentration - Living Arrows

Concentration – Living Arrows

I’ll hold my hands up and fully acknowledge that arts and crafts time in days gone by have filled me with dread rather than glee.  Although I’m not exactly the tidiest person in the world, I’m not a great one for mess.  I also freely admit that I rather like being in control.  None of these qualities are particularly good bedfellows for craft time with kids.  But over the last couple of years I’ve noticed a big difference with my son when it comes to arts and crafts.  gone are the days of gluing, painting and sticking with mad abandonment.  There’s been no mention of glitter or play-doh in a long time.  Now we have projects, now we have concentration and a finished design in mind.

Concentration - Living Arrows

There’s more detailed thought and where paints are concerned, colour mixing is more deliberate to achieve a specific colour.  He no longer works at lightning speed with a more is more approach to everything.  Rather than the old days of everything ending up in shades of grey sludge, we have defined colours and ideas.  If I’m honest, I’m still happiest when arts and crafts are completed at school.  But having watched my eight year old son making his plaster volcano, and seeing him painting it carefully, I’m rather looking forward to the eruptions we will be trying out in the days to come.

Do your children enjoy arts and craft time? Do you?

Living Arrows

16 thoughts on “Concentration – Living Arrows

  1. Such concentration, he looks so engrossed with his project. I do love arts and crafts with the kids although I can’t wait until glitter is no longer requested, nasty stuff ! Have a great week x #LivingArrows

  2. Its so nice to see them put time and effort into projects isn’t it? My eight year old is the same. I can bake all day with them, no matter what the mess, but when it comes to crafty sticky things im not a fan!

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