Dinosaur Hunting part two

Dinosaur Hunting part two #CountryKids

You may remember our first Dinosaur Hunting post from the Natural History Museum in Oxford.  Monkey loved it so much that I realised he really was ready for a trip to the Natural History Museum in London.  Time for Dinosaur Hunting Part two!

We had been invited down to London for an afternoon event in July and it gave us the perfect timing for our dinosaur hunting trip in the morning.  Monkey and I hoped on the train and made our way down to London.  This was followed by a few changes on the Underground before heading to the Natural History Museum.

Dinosaur Hunting part two

I’ve loved it there since I was a child but have held off going before with Monkey as I was worried it was too big and the queues would be too long.

Dinosaur Hunting part two

The Museum opens at 10.00am and we arrived just before 10.30am.  I couldn’t believe my luck, only a very small queue to enter the Museum – result!  It’s a beautiful building, so many details in the stone work that there is always something interesting to point out to children.

Dinosaur Hunting part two

We were inside in less than 5 minutes, paid our £1.00 donation for a floor plan and after looking at the dinosaur in the main hall we …….

Dinosaur Hunting part two

……..went straight to the Dinosaur Gallery – no queuing at all and plenty of room to move.

There are some great exhibits and you walk on a platform so you can look down on some of the skeletons, which is pure genius.  Monkey was in his element.  There is a large T-Rex which moves, this scared him, being the timid little boy he is and we had to rush past.  But that exhibit is at the end of the raised platform so it didn’t ruin the experience for him.  It the kind of exhibit that we can revisit again and again in the years to come.

Monkey loves dinosaurs but he’s still at the zooming around exhibits stage.  Over time I’m sure he will actually stand still, and properly take stock of what he is looking at!

That said, I thought the dinosaurs would be the only area he’d be interested in.  I was wrong.  Guru Gramps would have been proud.  With no intervention from me, we ended up with the mini beast 🙂

Dinosaur Hunting part two

Monkey loved the interactive displays and spent time going round and round them all.

Dinosaur Hunting part two Dinosaur Hunting part two Dinosaur Hunting part two Dinosaur Hunting part twoHe was enthralled watching the ants carry leaves on their backs – it was wonderful to see him being as interested in the smallest beasts as he was in the largest.

Dinosaur Hunting part two

The only downside to our Dinosaur Hunting experience was the kids selection (or lack of) in the Cafe.  We could have gone to the Restaurant and had a hot meal, which neither of us wanted on a scorching hot summers day.  We just wanted a sandwich.  I was really shocked that there were no kids lunch box options available in such a child friendly museum.  That was poor.

But overall, it was a wonderful experience.  Monkey talks about it all the time and wants to go back again.  I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time there over the years to come!

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12 thoughts on “Dinosaur Hunting part two #CountryKids

  1. Yes, I agree about the food options-wasn’t terribly impressed with them the last time we were there either. But that aside, it’s an awesome place to visit isn’t it. My eldest is just starting to spend a little more time on things which I noticed when we were down in Cornwall, but, as you know, give her a trail to follow and she’s off at speed!

  2. Bad on the food front. We had similar at Batsford, only hot children’s food. I had to pay for a huge adults sandwich. He eats alot, but not quite that much!

  3. How great that you didn’t have to queue and it wasn’t too busy for your visit. Having the interactive displays makes it much more interesting and engaging for the children and it sounds like Monkey enjoyed the mini-beasts and well as the dinosaurs. Thanks or linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. WOW looks amazing here! I can’t wait till my boy is a litte bit older so we can do things like this. He already really loves Dinosaurs despite us not saying anything to him about it! It’s funny how they do that isn’t it? Lovely pics xxx

  5. He seems really interested in the mini beasts! But I’m sure, he’ll develop a greater interested in dinosaurs too, as he gets older.

  6. It looks so good there, and I’m just waiting for Little Man to grow before I take the kids to London, which will definitely include a trip to the Natural History museum. Though I think I’ll make sure we eat first, thanks for that tip! x

  7. It really looks like he loved it. I haven’t been for years and hope to take Ethan there one day but I don’t think he is quite ready yet. I can’t believe their food options aren’t very child friendly.

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