Does your hair give you confidence?

Does your hair give you confidence?

Maybe not so much these days, but when I was younger I was totally obsessed by my hair.  We’d had DIY hair cuts at home as kids and I hated my hair.  It’s always tended to be fine and flyaway.  One day I used my savings and went to the hairdressers in Aldershot with a friend.  I had a Princess Di style haircut and I felt a million dollars. The cut was shorter than I’d had before, was shaped and transformed my face.  Does your hair give you confidence? Well yes, I’d say as a pre-teen it certainly did.  It also helped me feel braver when we moved to Oxfordshire and I had to make new friends as a lanky 14-year-old.

My natural hair colour is mid brown, to me it’s boring and has no interest.  I’ve always been a bit shy really, I’m never going to be the life and soul of the party, but my hair has often helped me feel more confident.  The day I discovered hair dyes and peroxide could transform my appearance as well as a certain haircut, was a revelation.  Through my late teens and early twenties I went through a number of hair transformations – from really bleached blonde to burgundy and every colour in between.  Add in the must have 80’s perm and boy did I probably look a sight.  Thank god this was all before the digital age.

I remember clearly one day, my hairdresser looking at my hair and telling me point-blank that I had to stop bleaching it.  My hair was breaking off, it needed a break from all the abuse I’d been throwing at it. My hair was falling out.  It scared me to death.  I don’t think I’m particularly vain, but the thought of losing hair didn’t sit well with me.

Does your hair give you confidence? Yes I think it really does.  It’s certainly something people often remember from a first encounter isn’t it.  When I was pregnant with my son, my hair felt so lush.  It really thickened up, I got married when I was six months pregnant, and my hair had so much more volume than ever before, it was fab.  It gave me an extra boost when I really needed it.

Does your hair give you confidence?

Then of course, after my son arrived, my ‘extra pregnancy’ hair started to fall out.  I knew it would, but it’s still quite alarming when you see it happening.  I’d love having more volume in my hair, and knew that fine and flyaway was going to make a return.  But it also made me realise how lucky I really was.  I had friends who’d lost hair going through Chemo and knew a couple of people and children with alopecia.  Really I had nothing to complain about.

I’ll turn 50 next year and I guess in the years ahead my hair may thin some more, the grey hairs are definitely making an appearance, under my blonde highlights.  But actually going grey doesn’t bother me at all.  I’m hoping I’ll take after my gran and have lovely tonal shades of graduated grey through my hair.  Time will tell.

Does your hair give you confidence?

Does your hair give you confidence? I think sometimes it actually has more relevance to men.  My first husband had a receding hairline and it got to the point by his early thirties where it was easier for him to shave it all off than pretend it was there.  I think he struggled with it at first as he’d always spent longer getting ready than I did, but once he’d made the decision it released him and he was happy as he was.
Second time around and husband number two is over 50 now and is the spitting image of his father, in all but height, where he takes after his grandfather.  He’s losing his hair on top, and having a 7 year old son pointing it out constantly isn’t doing anything for his confidence.
Does your hair give you confidence?
He get’s quite touchy about his hair and the change in the last few years is quite noticeable. We do know of someone who decided that an advanced tricho pigmentation treatment was the way forward.  It gave them the confidence boost they needed and helped to turn the clock back on their hair loss.  Maybe this will be something my husband will consider in the future, or maybe he’ll just get used to our son telling him he’s going bald.  Again time will tell!  I certainly can’t see him going down the toupee route.

How about you, does your hair give you confidence?  What would you do if you hair was thinning out?

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22 thoughts on “Does your hair give you confidence?

  1. Your new haircut looks great! I definitely think good hair adds to confidence, I’m certainly more confident on a good hair day when it looks voluminous but not frizzy and also when it’s freshly dyed – by the end of each month those pesky greys are making an ever noticing appearance!

  2. I have always been told i have very fine hair but lots of it, it can be really flyaway – but when my hair feels good – I feel good!

  3. I think I’m quite lucky, because my hair is very thick and wavy, so I don’t need to do a lot to it, for it to look ok. I think having children alters how much you can think about it, but it’s always a boost to feel good.

  4. My hair has been such a pain to me. I’ve had periods where it’s been incredibly thin and short, but whenever I’ve had a baby it’s been so lush, long and thick. Fingers crossed it’s steady now and has been for a couple of years – definitely going very grey though! Mine is a very pale grey with white, and I can get away with it for a while, but it’s definitely time to dye now 😀

  5. I agree hair was everything in the 80’s and I can remember perm days. As the chi of a hairdresser mum cuts were the norm and my first other haircut was big trauma. I hate hairdressers now must be that I never came out looking how I imagined. Now I have a lovely hairdresser that comes to me and am not looking forward to being completely grey! Love your new hair cut it looks lovely.

  6. I love your hair! My hair used to give me a lot of confidence as a teen and It was the one part of my appearance I was always happy with. It was long, thick, glossy and has been a multitude of colours over the years. Unfortunately since having my children and battling with health over the last few years, I’ve not cared for it as much and I’ve developed a fear of the hairdressers. I now cut it and dye it myself and it’s full of grey and in poor condition. I have to admit that these days, it certainly doesn’t give me confidence any more.

  7. I’ve always hated my hair, it has never seemed to do what I want it to at all and all the hair dyes over the years haven’t helped. One day I’ll get it to behave 😉

    Stevie x

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