Dr Beckmann help with the washing

Dr Beckmann help with the washing

I’m not sure if girls are the same, but my son is a magnet for muck.  I had some control over this when he was at home. But over the last 3 years of Nursery, Reception and now Year One, I never know quite what state he’ll come home in.  I know it all means he’s been having fun, but his uniform really does take a bashing.  Dr Beckmann help with the washing, and cleaning up of Monkey’s uniform, thanks to a range of stain removers, colour catches and whiteners.

Dr Beckmann help with the washing

Dr Beckmann produce a wide range of household cleaning products and we received the Colour & Dirt Collector, Stain Devils Survival Kit and Glowhite Ultra.

Monkey’s uniform polo shirts and sweatshirts are Burgundy, and I’m keen to keep the colour as vibrant as possible so the Colour & Dirt Collector sheets are ideal.  I  always pop the sheet into a mess washing bag, pop it into the back of the washing machine, put my load in with my EcoEgg washing ball and wash as normal.  The results are quite amazing as you can see for yourself when you compare a used colour catching sheet with a new one!

Dr Beckmann help with the washing

I had some underwear that was looking a little unloved and had certainly lost the bright white look, so I’ve used one of the Glowhite Ultra sachets to bring them back to life.

Dr Beckmann help with the washing

I’ll save you from having to see my undies, but trust me, the product really does work. Again pop a sachet in with your washing and wait to be dazzled by your whites.

Now I have a feeling that the Stain Devils Survival Kit products will become good friends over the years ahead.  In fact I wished I’d found them a couple of months ago as they might have saved my favourite jumper that had been splattered by hot fat.

Dr Beckmann help with the washing

There are 3 different Stain Devils products included in the kit, each able to help rid your clothing of different devils.

The Ballpoint Ink & Felt Tip Stain Devils also helps with chalk, fingers paints, glue, highlighter pen and stamp pad ink to name a few.  This is probably going to be the best used of the bunch in this household!

The Cooking Oil & Fat product also helps with the likes of butter, cream cheese, margarine, mayonnaise and yoghurt.  Whilst the Tea, Red Wine, Fruit & Juice product also tackles baby food, coffee and soy sauce.

Monkey came home from school last week with a white substance (presumed to be paint) on his sweatshirt and trousers.  Grrr!  Washing alone didn’t shift the stains at all.  I followed the instructions on the Ballpoint Ink & Felt Tip Stain Devils bottle and then washed the offenders.

Whilst the stain on the trousers is still evident, it is smaller, so I will try the process again as suggested on the bottle, but the sweatshirt has been a great success.

The full range of Dr Beckmann products are available on their website, or from your local supermarkets.  Well worth having in your cupboard in my opinion.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items featured in exchange for an honest review



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