dream trips with children

Dream trips with Children

dream trips with children

No I haven’t won the lottery, but I have been thinking of some dream trips with children lately.  I blame a few of my blogging friends who are off to Disneyland Florida this year!

Daddy P has been to Disneyland Florida (a long time ago though).  I’d love to take Monkey at some point, but think he is a little too young at the moment.  You’re never too old for a bit of Disney magic are you!

Maybe we could go to Disneyland Paris instead.  I’d quite like to visit there anyway.  I worked for the company that supplied the Emergency Lighting when the site was being built.  Yes, I am that old.  I can remember reading the names of the rides as projects and wondering what they would be.  Space Mountain has always stayed in my head.

With Monkey having a December birthday, Christmas becomes an extra special time in this house.  One day I would really love Monkey to meet Santa in Lapland.  I’d love to see his face if could meet Santa in Lapland, in the snow, with reindeer.  I won’t lie, I think I’d rather love the experience too.  Finland is a country I’ve always wanted to visit, so this would definitely tick something off the bucket list.  My oldest friend visited for her honeymoon and saw the Northern Lights – that would be something magical too.

I want Monkey to experience some of the wonderful things I’ve done, see the places I’ve seen.  Camel riding around the Pyramids and in the Sahara, watching colourful fish and reef sharks from a water bungalow in the Maldives, exploring the Grand Palace in Bangkok, bamboo rafting in Jamaica (can you believe that I actually did that! I can’t!) to exploring the fish markets in Gambia. So many wonderful places to visit.  So much of the world to see.

Where would you suggest for dream trips with children?

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8 thoughts on “Dream trips with Children

  1. You know what a huge Disney fan I am, and I hope that my son appreciates that he is very lucky that we take him on holiday. Holidays have always been my thing, and I am already looking for my next one even with only 107 days till the current one!

  2. I would love to see the Northern Lights – one day I’ll go to Norway to see them – that’s definitely one on my dream list.

  3. We are saving to go to Disney World Florida. We started saving when LP was born £50 per month and we’re going to go when she’s 10. I cannot wait!! x

  4. I think Monkey would love Florida already! Although we are really excited about Florida there are definitely other places I would like to take them. Even in this country there are so many areas that I think they should experience before we even think about starting to explore abroad.

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