Driving after having a drink the night before

Driving after having a drink the night before?

Do you ever worry about driving after a drink the night before?  I have to say that If I’m going out and I’m driving I wouldn’t even have one alcoholic drink.  It wouldn’t even cross my mind, I’d be on soft drinks and that’s fine with me. It means I know I’m safe to be behind the wheel in my car.

I do enjoy social drinking with friends at home but do worry the next day about driving after having a drink the night before.  Being rather cautious I actually tend to also avoid driving the day after drinking, but that’s easy for me these days as I don’t need to drive to work.  I’ve always been concerned about exactly how long alcohol remains in my body, even though I could never be classed as a heavy drinker these days.  But having the added responsibility of Monkey, just makes me extra cautious.

This is by no means set in stone but Insurance Revolution thought people might find it interesting to get a clearer picture of how little you can actually drink before you shouldn’t get behind the steering wheel of a car.

As you can see the Drink Driving Calculator factors in your age, sex, height and weight, when you started drinking and exactly how much you have consumed.  It’s a guide only.

With warmer days ahead, it can be tempting to enjoy a glass of wine with friends over lunch, but please always be responsible when it comes to driving.  If in doubt, leave the car keys at home.

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “Driving after having a drink the night before?

  1. Where we are were surrounded by country pubs, and because they are in the country the only way there is car. The days of excessive drinking are behind me but I can see how this calculator gives you an idea of what’s left in your body the day after.
    This is a very clever calculator

  2. I only drink when I’m at home these days and definitely have no intention of going out. I drink a lot less if I know I have to do the school run / go to work in the morning.

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