Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

I’ve written about our love of fajitas before and with the summer holidays literally about to start, I thought I’d remind you all of a great idea for an Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria.  I buy products from the Santa Maria range regularly and received some supplies at BritMums too.

Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

Monkey can be a bit of a fussy eater but Chicken Fajitas always go down well as he can help himself  to the various ingredients.

Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

He loves peppers and onion as long as they are raw, so I only cook the chicken.

Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

Guacamole never lasts long in this house and I really love slices of fresh avocado in my fajitas too.  They are my special, must have ingredient.  But a secret ingredient?  Well, I love raw mushrooms and these regularly make it into my fajitas – very tasty too.

Monkey still loves to eat all of his fajita ingredients separately, but that’s fine with me.  I just put everything in the middle of the table and we help ourselves.  It gives him the independence to make his own choices, and gives me a stress free mealtime.  As the chicken cooks really quickly this is an ideal quick fix meal and one I can always rely on when we’re in a hurry.

How about you?  What’s your must have ingredient when making fajitas for your family?

disclaimer:  we were provided with some of the items featured in exchange for this post, my comments still remain my own thoughts

6 thoughts on “Easy dinner time with #TASTEsantamaria

  1. I love Mexican food but have never added avocado to my fajitas before, must try that as I do love avocado too! Guacamole is a favourite in this house as well.

  2. Fajitas are my favourite, i have never thought to keep them raw though, I think my two would love them that way….I know what we are having this weekend!

  3. I love fajitas, but am a little bit like Monkey and prefer my peppers to be raw. I am ok with cooked onion though.

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