Enjoying the seaside in December

Enjoying the seaside in December

It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to go away to celebrate my son’s birthday over the last few years. Each excursion has centred around a trip on a steam train, his passion.  Of course with a birthday in December we get to kill two birds with one stone as it’s impossible to go on a steam train ride without it being a Santa Special. Last year we were in Kent and this year would be spent in Dorset and we’d also spend time enjoying the seaside in December.

Enjoying the seaside in December

Monkey’s birthday was on the Sunday but as I didn’t want his treat to be rushed with a long drive home, I’d booked tickets for the Saturday on Swanage Railway.  We’d had a fairly awful drive down to Poole on Friday after school and our tickets were booked for lunchtime to give us some chill out time beforehand.

It was a forty minute drive across to Swanage and the railway had given us directions to the main car park in town. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time, so we parked up (free parking on that particular Saturday too!), worked out where the railway was, and then headed through the local Christmas Market down to the waters edge.

Enjoying the seaside in December

We were all looking forward to enjoying the seaside in December.  We live about as far away from the coast as you can get in England, so getting on a beach is always a delight.

Enjoying the seaside in December

Wrapped up warm against the wind we enjoyed at walk along the beach at Swanage.  I’d been as a child but really couldn’t remember it.  Monkey loved the freedom and although it was nippy, it was a lovely morning, and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Bonus.

Enjoying the seaside in December

Enjoying the seaside in December

We walked along to the pier too, you do have to pay, but it was only a couple of quid and again, we had it pretty much to ourselves.

Enjoying the seaside in December

I could just imagine the whole area being full of people on a warm summers day.  The views were just as enjoyable on a cold December morning.

Enjoying the seaside in December

In the late afternoon, after our steam train adventure which I’ll cover in a separate post, we gave my son the option of visiting Corfe Castle or exploring Lulworth Cove.  He opted for the chance to search for fossils, so off we headed.  We knew he’d only really have an hour or two before the sun had totally set, but we’d make the most of the available daylight.  There’s a large pay and display car park just above the cove, so we parked up there and headed down to explore.  It’s somewhere we’d never been before and if we go again, we’ll definitely do the coastal walk to Durdle Door from there.  As it was, my son was on a mission and off he went, swapping a stick for a piece of seaweed as he spent time enjoying the seaside in December.

Enjoying the seaside in December


Enjoying the seaside in December

As in Swanage, the cove was practically deserted and we all enjoyed the luxury this gave us.  Again, I can imagine Lulworth Cove teaming with people in the summer months.

Enjoying the seaside in December Enjoying the seaside in December

Enjoying the seaside in December really was a breath of fresh air and a great way to end being a 7 year old.

Enjoying the seaside in December

The next morning we woke up to an 8 year old, torrential rain in Poole and a call telling us that Oxfordshire was under snow.  It was time to head home and enjoy December in the snow instead!  I do wish we lived closer to the sea to make these adventures more the norm, rather than a special treat.  The seaside in winter time always makes me feel more alive and I’d love my son to experience that more.  But for now, sadly, we will just have to make do with our memories from last month.  Do you love visiting the seaside out of season too?
Enjoying the seaside in December

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26 thoughts on “Enjoying the seaside in December

  1. This made me smile, we have the total opposites, I’d love to live where we saw some snow because living by the sea means we never see it. That said I adore the beach at any time of year as do my kids. It must be all the more special when it isn’t a short drive away. There is something so refreshing about sea air, I always feel I’ve been on a mini holiday when I visit. Looks like you picked the right day to visit and enjoy some family time before the rain arrived. What a perfect sounding birthday weekend.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. We recently visited Cornwall (stayed at Coombe Mill) and for the first time ever visited Fistral Beach in Newquay during Crimbo Limbo. It was amazing being on the coast in Winter and we even had a little bit of sunshine to take the chill off the wind. It’s our special treat too. It certainly is nice to have a beach all to yourselves. Looks like you had a good time escaping for a little while. #CountryKids

  3. What a lovely couple of days you had – looking forward to reading about the Santa Train too. We are lucky enough to live about 20 minutes from Lulworth Cove and, like you, enjoy visiting out of season when you’ve got the place pretty much to yourselves. The only downside to living here?? We didn’t get ANY snow over the festive period!!! #countrykids

  4. It sounds like you had a great adventure – location looks lovely. There’s something special about visiting the seaside in the colder months that just can’t be replicated with the hustle and bustle of summer.

  5. Nice to only have one child and be able to do awesome things for their birthday’s and not have siblings to complain.
    We are fortunate to live near a beach and even in cold weather it can be a ,ot of fun.
    Have to say I have never paid to go on a pier before, but then we dont get big piers up here.

  6. I’d love a bit of snow too, we’re near the sea inthe NW and always miss out… great birthday requests of a train ride though my boy would like this! #countrykids

  7. I love visiting the seaside at any time of year – like you, we are so far inland that trips to the coast are few and far between so we make the most of it whenever we get the opportunity. It is lovely to have the beach to yourself in winter. I have happy memories of going to Swanage as a child and loved the beach there. I don’t think we ever visited Lulworth Cove though. Monkey looks like he really enjoyed himself. Nice to have the contrast with coming home to snow too! #countrykids

  8. We used to live near the sea and loved it, going in all weathers. Theres nothing like a bit of sea air to cheer everyone up even if its cold and windy x

  9. What a great birthday treat for Monkey. I do like visiting the sea with my family, thankfully we aren;t as far away as we used to be #CountryKids sorry I’m late

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