Everything is sprouting

Everything is sprouting

As regular readers will know we’ve been introducing my son to the delights of growing his own vegetables, flowers and fruit over recent months. I realised that I hadn’t written an update post for some time and as everything is sprouting, I thought now would be a good time to review our progress.

We’ve eaten all of our strawberries – yum.  Our rocket was picked daily for our salad.

Everything is sprouting Picking Strawberries

We now have flowers on our courgettes, pumpkins and cherry tomatoes, and we can even see a little tomato growing. Our parsnips are coming on better than the carrots.  We lost our red peppers – so will have to try again next year with them.

I am now beating him and Daddy in the sunflower growing competition – :), we have flowers coming from our seeds.

Everything is sprouting and my son is enjoying keeping an eye on everything each day.


28 thoughts on “Everything is sprouting

  1. We had strawberries for the first time this year, too, as part of Boo’s little garden. She loved checking on them, watering them and then, of course, eating them! It’s a lovely thing to encourage, and we’ll be planting more ready for next year, along with creating our new wildlife garden 🙂

    1. It’s great to see their enthusiasm isn’t it. For us it was extra important as OH’s business is supplying fruit and veg so I was really keen that Monkey realised it didn’t just appear from Daddy’s warehouse!

  2. It’s such a great time of the year when everything is ready to pick and you can finally savour the fruits of your labour! Is it wring that I am secretly willing Monkeys sunflower on?!

    Thanks for joining and sharing 🙂 x

    1. His sunflower was in the lead with Daddy P’s for ages and I was beginning to think they’d nobbled mine! Then one day – there is was in the lead. I think he’s enjoying the competition of it all. We gave seeds to all of his friends too to see who could grow the tallest one 🙂

  3. We tried growing pumpkins the first year we re-did the garden and while we got huge plants and lots of flowers, they never turned into fruit. We haven’t tried since but maybe we’ll try again next year because the kids loved seeing how fast the plants grow 🙂

  4. Isn’t it so much fun growing your own Mary and it all tastes much better too. My sunflowers are nowhere near the size of yours, I don’t think they are going grow much more. I lost a few things this year too, my first batch of cabbages and all but two of my cauliflowers and my little fig tree sprouted the beginnings of figs, but they never developed. I think summer came a bit too late for some things. xx

    1. We are way behind with some things and we really thought we’d had it with the tomatoes but slowly they are coming on. Another Blogging friend has had her sunflowers in full bloom for ages and she’s up north!

  5. I tried growing peppers last year but didn’t have much luck. They grew to about the size of a lime but didn’t get any bigger than that. I thought it could be due to a short Summer but am tempted to try again next year. Keep up the good work on your veggies 🙂

  6. What a lovely thing to have, strawberries and sunflowers. This linky makes me really inspired to sort my own garden out. I love our little garden, but I would love to try more adventurous things. My little girl loves being out there and digging. x

    1. We’ve really got into it this year, with the help of a couple of reviews as well, Monkey has been so happy in his garden and it’s made me appreciate what we did with my own parents as children.

  7. what fun for Monkey!! our tomatoes are now done but we had so many and theyw ere the best we ever tasted. you will love them!

  8. I am envious of the range of things you’re trying! It’s so lovely to share these things isn’t it. I am looking forward to a bumper crop of apples, brambles and raspberries-bit of a fruit fan to be honest!

    1. We started with the tomatoes and peppers that never did anything, and strawberries and everything else came from reviews and challenges, but he has loved every minute of it and it’s made me realise that we have to continue it. My parents were great grow your own people, my Mum is rather impressed with our efforts, if somwhat amused that her daughter has suddenly discovered gardening!!

  9. Wow you have so much on the go Mary. Your garden must be absolutely amazing – like an abyss of edible treats. I bet the taste freekin’ amazing too 🙂

    1. Oh Charly, I love your description. If you knew how small the garden was, I’m amazed we can fit it all in with the sand pit and swing and the wildlife projects. I’m sure my OH thinks he’ll come home one day I’d I’ll have got rid of the lawn totally!

  10. I was looking at Bobs stuff the other day to do an update as well, but the stuff was either eaten or waterlogged so would not make good pictures. plenty of flowers on your stuff so chance for more goodies yet.

  11. What a bountiful garden, homegrown always tastes that much better somehow! Little Monkey seems to be enjoying the garden which is great and well done in beating the boys in the sunflower contest. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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