A Family Portrait

A family portrait

Monkey is a rather reluctant writer and when it comes to drawing, he’s only just starting to emerge from the scribble stage.  Yes, as with everything my son is going to take his time. He won’t be writing the 21st century version of War and Peace by his 6th birthday and he’s no Rembrandt.  But I’m not that bothered, I know him.  He will get there when he’s good and ready.  He seems to have a fascination with cards at the moment.  He’s been making cards at school and bringing them home.  There’s normally some sort of scribble and an attempt at his name.  We have a collection on the mantle-piece, he’s very proud of them.

But the other day, he brought something home that had me on the verge of tears.  Mummy I’ve drawn you something!  Really?  So what would it be?  Ah it’s another abstract card. But then he opened it up.  Mummy it’s us!

A Family Portrait

Monkey had drawn a family portrait.  Daddy P looks to be sporting a lovely spotty top, I’m in orange, Monkey appears to have a beard and even Brewster makes an appearance.  I love this family portrait so much because it’s so unlike Monkey to have drawn it!

I was gobsmacked and he was so proud of himself.  It’s a start and it’s taken pride of place in his display.  A family portrait – us seen through the eyes of my Monkey.  I love it that he sees Brewster as being part of our family. He has the Mummy, Daddy, Monkey, Brewster sizings right too.

Yes, it will be one of those pictures that Mummy is never going to throw out!

I haven’t joined in with Mini Creations for a while but this one has captured my heart and I wanted to share it – a family portrait, Monkey’s mini masterpiece (in my eyes anyway!)

Mini Creations

12 thoughts on “A family portrait

  1. Bless him, that’s sweet. He has got the relative proportions right too hasn’t he. I like the way Brewster seems to be flying especially 🙂

  2. Grace says – We are so pleased to welcome you back and what a way to make a comeback with this AWESOME picture…….
    Lucas says – Monkey – I used to be behind at school to but don’t worry because you’ll do it in your own time, like me. This picture is so MEGA COOL and it definitely deserves pride of place like your Mother says…….
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  3. That is a fabulous portrait, definitely one to treasure! I remember E’s first proper drawing and it brought me to tears too. He is still not overly creative now so when he does draw something special it means a lot!

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