The most famous cats on the internet

The most famous cats on the internet

The internet has been good for cats; at least it has given all of us an opportunity to enjoy their antics. A number of cats have even achieved viral fame, so here are three of the most famous. Here are More Th>n Pet’s favourite internet cats.


The most famous internet cat of all must be Grumpy. In fact her real name is Tardar Sauce, but Grumpy is a perfect description of how she looks. She is the archetypal grumpy cat  with the grumpiest face you could imagine. She shot to fame following a photo of her that was posted on Reddit, but many people thought that the face had been digitally altered, so her owner Tabatha Bundesen posted a video of her.

Although she looks grumpy, she is really friendly and cuddly. Now she has celebrity status with her own website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Through merchandise sales   she has already earned over £50,000 and she is valued at around £600,000.

Keyboard Cat

Keyboard Cat was one of the early famous internet cats and shot to fame in 2009. It is a video of a ginger cat dressed in a blue shirt playing an electronic keyboard. The cat is called “Fatso” presumably after Fats Domino the Rhythm and Blues singer. The cat appears to be playing some rhythmic tunes on the video, which was made by Charlie Schmidt in 1984 and uploaded to YouTube in 2007 calling it “Cool Cat”.

For two years Cool Cat received only a modest number of views but it was reused by Brad O’Farrell as an ending to a video of a man falling down an elevator as a “play him off” theme. Many others followed, appending the Keyboard Cat to videos of various failures and it was even used in major sporting events.

Sadly Fatso is no longer with us; she died in 1987.

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is possibly the most famous cat on the internet. She was the runt of the breed and has a number of problems that give her the appearance of a kitten. In 2011 her owner Mike Bridavsky uploaded a video of her stalking a camera then pouncing on it. He also began a Lil Bub blog featuring the video.

Gradually Lil Bub received ever more exposure and her popularity grew. Here Facebook page received thousands of likes and Lil Bub merchandise was launched. This was followed by videos, a documentary and even a book called “The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet”.

Today Lil Bub is being used by an animal charity to raise funds for the support of cats with birth deformities and health problems and which need special help in getting adopted.

I wonder if our own Brewster is destined for internet superstardom?

The most famous cats on the internet The most famous cats on the internet

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  1. I love Grumpy Cat! I used to have a cat just like him – a seal bi-colour ragdoll called Les!

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